How does an ozone water purification system help

One of the ways to purify water is to install an ozone water purification system in your home. Different types of water systems include water softening, filtration, ultra violet light, reverse osmosis, deionization, molecule stripping and carbon treatment. A wide range of products and systems are available that include models that are pitcher-based, faucet mounted, portable, counter-top units etc.

Since water supply/sources are getting polluted with bacteria, chemicals, toxic metals and other contaminants it is important to install an effective and efficient water purification system in your home. This will help eliminate the various elements that threaten the taste, scent and purity of the water.

The Ozone water purification system is one of the most effective water purification techniques. This is because an ozone purifier kills up to 99% of bacteria in the water. Ozone water purification systems are used by almost all bottled water companies and water treatment centers. Ozone is even more effective and efficient than chlorine in destroying viruses, germs and bacteria etc and is considered a very powerful sterilizing agent.

Anthrax spores are not killed by chlorination that is used in municipal systems to destroy viruses. But ozone purifies water better as it acts around 3000 times quicker than chlorine. A water filter is not actually a water purifier and dos not kill bacteria in the water. The ozone purifier on the other hand completely eradicates the deadly biological contaminants in the water. Thus an ozone water purification system is considered to be the purest and great tasting water. Another reason it is safe to drink is because ozone is 100% oxygen and not of it remains back in the water.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun create ozone. Ozone is also naturally created during an electrical storm from the lightening bolts. Being pure oxygen it is made up of oxygen atoms that are three in number. One of them is weaker than the other two and will automatically attach to bacteria, virus etc and will either oxidize or change them into something else.

An ozone water purification system creates the O3 ozone in a special chamber of ultraviolet light. When air that is compressed is forced into this chamber a part of the oxygen is turned into ozone. This ozone is passed into a diffuser through a line which in turn creates some ozone-filled bubbles. Water is them mixed with these ozone bubbles and sent to the ozone water purifier. The weaker oxygen molecule (which is one out of the three molecules) attaches to harmful molecules and cleans them through oxidation. The result is clean, safe, pure drinking water.

Some ozone water purification systems come in counter top versions, table-top versions and other designs for the home or even the office. An Ozonator has the ability to neutralize odors from pets, sterilize sponges, sanitize bedding and of course to purify water for drinking. To receive ozonated water from the purifier you will have to attach one of the tubes to the ozonator and the ozonator stone should be attached to the other end of the plastic tube. The stone should be placed in the water that is to be purified and the purifier should be turned on.