The sunbeam hot shot water dispenser

If you have decided on installing a sunbeam hot shot water dispenser in your home then it is a good decision because this appliance is extremely convenient. The easy availability of instant hot water for various uses like making soups, sauces, noodles, pasta, tea and instant coffee etc makes it a necessity. The Sunbeam hotshot water dispenser heats around 16 oz of water even faster than a microwave. The compact size of the unit makes it ideal and easy to use in the home and the office or even travelling purposes. The unit also has features like auto-shutoff and efficient cord storage that makes it attractive.

Before you can use your Sunbeam hot shot water dispenser it is important to remember to add water to the chamber before you plug in the water dispenser into an electrical outlet. This is important especially at the time of the first usage of the unit and whenever the dispenser has been exposed to temperatures that are freezing.

It is fairly easy to operate the Sunbeam hotshot water dispenser. You have to read the instructions and follow them step by step. The instructions are usually molded inside the Sunbeam hotshot cover. Before the first use, the heating chamber should be washed out with a soapy, damp cloth and rinsed well. NEVER IMMERSE THEUNIT IN WATER. Pour the amount of water (around 16 oz) into the heating chamber without overfilling it.
It is also important to remember not to heat any other food or liquid other than water in the Sunbeam Hot Shot water dispenser.

The next thing to do would be to plug in the unit into a 120 volt electrical outlet. Close the heating chamber cover and press the lever “HEAT”. The red light will indicate that the water is being heated and this will automatically turn off when the water is ready to be dispensed. Place your cup (along with beverage ingredients like a tea bag, sugar etc) on the base beneath the spout. All you have to do is to press the dispense lever and the cup gets filled with hot water. Remember to also drain the sunbeam hot shot water dispenser thoroughly after use. The unit has to be thoroughly drained before using the dispenser to heat some more water for a second cup. The cold water that you add will cool the tank and the thermostat can be reset.

The sunbeam hot shot water dispenser gives you fresh, delicious and clean water at any time. The Sunbeam H20 Tri Function Water dispenser provides filtered clean water at the mere flick of a switch. The machine is perfect with cold, hot and room temperature faucets and the water can be used for cooking and drinking.

The sunbeam hot shot water dispenser model with a small refrigerator compartment is also available in some models. Compartments that are not refrigerated are also available which makes it handy to keep cups, glasses etc.