New Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser keeps dripping

If your new Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser keeps dripping it is important to find out the reason why and deal with the problem. Refrigerator water dispensers are becoming very popular because of the ease and convenience they offer. It is a great boon to elderly people who love the fact that they do not have to go out to the store for bagged ice but can get some whenever they want from the fridge door! People who entertain also enjoy the easy availability of chilled water and ice cubes during a party.

It is obvious that having a water dispenser on the fridge door keeps the door shut most of the time! One does not have to keep opening the fridge for cold water, thus reducing your energy costs in the long run. Though there are many advantages of having a refrigerator water dispenser there are also a few disadvantages. All you have to do is ensure that the conveniences outweigh them.

One of the reasons for your new Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser dripping is the fact that your plumbing installation is faulty. There could be a water leak from the bottom front of the refrigerator door, the back of the fridge, etc. This could be because of obstructed or clogged water lines somewhere in between. The water then builds up inside the refrigerator at the bottom and this water will spill out of the door. If you clear the blocked channel or tube and allow the water to drain into the tray or pan, it will solve your problem.

Water that leaks from the back of the refrigerator is generally from the water dispenser water valve or the water line or even from the drain tray. If the water is leaking from the water valve all you have to do is make sure the tubes are fastened properly and tightly. Then if the water leaks from any part of the water valve, you should replace the valve as it is obviously faulty. If the water is leaking from the drain tray it could be because of cracks, holes etc and needs to be replaced.

If your new Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser keeps dripping then I suppose your next step is to place a container under the spout to catch the dripping water. However it would be a better idea to replace the water inlet that is located in the back of the refrigerator. Sometimes a side by side water dispenser also has leakage problems this could be due to the inlet hose and outlet hoses from the tank to the dispenser etc. Check the switch as it may not close off the valve completely and cause the water to drip. If your water pressure is too strong or high there could be drips and leakage of excess water. Therefore checking out the source of the leakage (there is a lot of drainage line at the back of your refrigerator to a drainage tray) which could be anything from a faulty valve to your water supply connection.