How to ensure mineral oil contaminants removal from tap water

You could be happy while drinking your tap water but you should be sure that the tap water that you consume is totally free from all contaminants including harmful minerals and oils. You should know on how to ensure mineral oil contaminants removal from tap water before you and your loved ones consume the water flowing into your glass.

Most municipal authorities use very strict filtration methods when it comes to delivering totally pure drinking water to your home. The water which they use for filtration could be from a lake, river or even from a well, depending on the geographical location and availability. However, this water could contain several contaminants such as harmful chemicals and minerals, heavy metals, dangerous micro-organisms and even various oils. Most municipal authorities use the floatation process to separate oil from water since they do not mix. The resultant water is then filtered through sand and activated charcoal and carbon filters so as to remove all physical contaminants and even certain types of harmful bacteria. The water is then passed through various other filters so that the water that you get in your tap is safe to drink.

However, rising pollution levels and the advertising din made by bottled water manufacturers could have frightened you to a large extent. If you feel that there are still some harmful minerals and oils present in your tap water then you can go in for a full-size in-line dispenser with a built in water filter system, which will remove almost 100% contaminants that might have sneaked through into your tap water. These dispensers use filtration methods such as activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet rays to effectively remove any oils or harmful minerals present in your tap water thus making sure that you receive totally safe and really pure drinking water. You will have to change the filters at the required intervals and can also fill the water in pitchers and keep it in your fridge so as to drink chilled water later or add various flavors to it.

You could also order for 3 or 5 gallon bottles of filtered water and use it with tabletop dispensers that can discharge hot or cold water at the press of a button. However, care will be needed to choose a bottling company that provides safe drinking water. Your aim should be to simply have healthier water than what is supplied through your tap. Companies such as vitapur have a wide choice of such dispensers and you can visit online shopping sites and check the features of each model before making a choice. You can also choose small bottles of bottled water that is usually sold in stores but you should only purchase bottled water when you are out of other options. Bottled water in small bottles is quite expensive and the empty bottles cause severe environmental damage.

If you have doubts about the purity of tap water that reaches your home then you can easily connect additional filters to remove any remaining contaminants that could damage your health or that of your loved ones. You can reap in the benefits of drinking totally pure drinking water by using such filters. Once you know on how to ensure mineral oil contaminants removal from tap water before you drink it then you can remain safe and healthy in the long run.