What is healthier tap or bottled water

Just like many other people, you too might have been frightened into drinking bottled water due to the implied belief that it is safer than tap water. However, you should consider certain facts before you pick up that bottle of bottled water from your neighborhood store. You should understand as to what is healthier tap or bottled water so as to make your own judgment in the future.

There is a lot of hype that surrounds bottled water simply because all manufacturers are trying to enter into the homes of all people that were previously drinking tap water. Thus, many manufacturers claim that their bottled water is safer to drink than tap water. However, most of the studies conducted on both waters have found bottled water to be as safe as tap water in most cases, although in some cases it was found that it was in fact inferior. With rules mired in a fog of confusion some manufacturers that indicated exotic mountain springs on their bottles were actually found to be filtering ordinary tap water and then packing it in bottles that indicated visually that they somehow contained spring water that was rich in minerals.

You should also understand the fact that manufacturing bottles for bottled water is a large drain on oil resources since a lot of oil is required to make and distribute these bottles. After drinking your bottled water, you might have assumed that you have consumed safe drinking water without any contaminants and with several health benefits but that might not be the case. If the manufacturer has removed each and every mineral from that water then you might actually require those minerals from another source. Your empty bottle will also cause serious ecological damage since it will not deteriorate for years in a landfill and only throw out toxic smoke when burnt. In short, both you and the environment pay a very high price for bottled water.

On the other hand tap water costs hardly anything. It is quite safe to drink since both you and your parents might have consumed the same water since decades. You can easily use additional filters fitted in full-size or countertop dispensers if you feel that you want additional protection. You can also use a portable dispenser in the form of a pitcher or sports bottle if you are outdoors. While local authorities ensure the removal of all harmful contaminants from your tap water, they will still allow or add healthy minerals so as to fulfill your body’s requirements. You can simply fill your tap water or filtered water in glass bottles and store them in your fridge for later use. There are no empty bottles to contend with and even if you use large 3 or 5 gallon bottle dispensers made by vitapur among other brands, you will still be helping the environment since these bottles are reused constantly.

The battle between tap versus bottled water might stretch on but once you understand the facts then you will realize that tap water is healthier and definitely more cost-effective than bottled water. The argument on what is healthier tap or bottled water is definitely tilting towards tap water, which is cheap and eco-friendly, and can always be made safer by using an additional water filter.