is carbonated water bad for you

there are many speculations about carbonated water. Some call it the thirst quencher while few name it as a slow poison. Carbonated water was invented years back and since then has enjoyed a immense popularity, it is only off late that people are concerned about their health. Carbonated water is high on carbon dioxide that is known to lead you towards bad health. It is also found that your kidney gets badly affected in the long run. Carbonated water in moderation is fine, but excess of it is certainly not good.

Carbonated water is known to cause pressure on the kidney making you pee frequently. Drinking too much of carbonated water will make you get rid of entire water present inside thus dehydrating you. Carbonated water is also known to promote kidney stone, and people suffering with it are strictly asked to stay away from the drink. Also your kidneys are designed to process normal water and thus require longer time to process carbonated water. Most kidney problems are related to excess drinking of carbonated water and sweetened drinks.

Carbonated water can never function like the regular pure form of water. Pure water is easy to digest and also cleans the inner system of the body. There is no replacement to pure and regular water. Carbonated water also contains calories that can make you obese. Carbon dioxide anyways needs to be taken in by plants and not humans. CO2 does no good and can create fatal illness in the long run. It also increases the risk of cancer and makes your bones weak by absorbing calcium from the body. You shall find tooth decay problems increasing among people who are addicted to carbonated drinks.

Carbonated water did enjoy popularity, however, today the health conscious prefer to stay away from the drink fearing its ill effects. Carbon dioxide is harmful for the body and can make you weak and pale eventually. The ill effects may not be seen instantly, however the coming years will show. Having carbonated water once in a blue moon, or at times when you run out of option is fine. However, making it a habit is dangerous. Carbonated water contains no nutritional ingredients that can benefit your body. Thus it is advisable to stay away from this drink.

Many people believe that carbonated water can relive their upset stomachs. However, there are no evidences to prove this. If you try and compare the benefits and disadvantages, you shall find more of disadvantages. Every time when you pick any drink, the nutritional value should be considered. Health should come in first then the taste. Carbonated water may certainly be fun to drink and enjoy, but you should also know if your body enjoys it too. Carbonated water makes digestion difficult and thus poses problems later on. So think about it before purchasing the next bottle of carbonated water.

Carbonated water is not good for anyone. You may want to try it with some hard drinks; however, indulging in too much of it will create severe problems. Carbonated water should be kept as an option when no liquids are available at hand.

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Written By – Kadambari
Date – 12th May’09