Setlzer Water For Brain Hydration

Setlzer Water for Brain Hydration

No matter if your day involves meetings, rigorous workouts or freelance work – one easy and effective way of maintaining focus, attentiveness and productivity throughout is drinking enough sparkling water – an effervescent beverage which provides energy without sugar-induced crashes like soda.

Seltzer water’s fizzy properties stimulate the nerves responsible for swallowing, making drinking easier while speeding up digestion. Furthermore, its bubbles may help you feel full more quickly by stimulating stomach receptors to send satiety signals directly to your brain.

Sparkling waters such as mineral and tonic waters contain naturally-occurring minerals like calcium, sodium and magnesium as well as sulfur compounds from natural sources. Although their levels may differ between drinks, in general these should not significantly alter your sodium consumption or affect your salt balance if that’s something you are monitoring.