Need a detox? Try a water diet today and don’t look back!

All aspects of the body require water to work efficiently. Water carries essential nutrients through the body and is also a large factor in our make up what with it accounting for over 75% of our body weight. Our muscles are over 70% water, the brain is 70% water and even bone is 25% water, so your whole body relies on good drinking water.

Flavoured water is a great alternative to soda as you get the refreshing hydration of water with a great fresh taste but without all the sugar or the caffeine and in the case of diet soda, the artificial additives.

If you have your own SodaStream machine for making sparkling water, a large assortment calorie free flavourĀ“s to flavour sparkling water for a great taste is sold at These flavours are great for people who are watching their calorie intake but still want a great tasting drink. They have no added fruit concentrate or sweeteners so all you get is a wonderful tasting glass of refreshing water.

Any diet and nutrition expert will tell you that water can play a massive role in dieting and weight loss. There are hundreds of different companies and people giving out weight loss tips and advice and the one thing they can all agree on is that water is essential to personal healthcare.

Keeping the body hydrated means it no longer has to store water so even without physically exerting yourself you can potentially lose weight just through keeping your body well hydrated. If you add a fitness regime and healthy eating diet with the correct nutrition, your weight will plummet and you will feel far more healthy.

Many people go on detox diets with the aim of flushing out their systems by avoiding food that is hard on the metabolism e.g. caffeine, alcohol, processed food, pre-made or canned food, salt, sugar, wheat, red meat, deep fried food, cheese, cream, butter. Instead it focuses on eating fresh fruit and vegetables. This type of diet has come in for criticism over the years.

Some believe the body has evolved to detoxify itself with great efficiency and does not need to help of an unproven diet. Others point out that changing your diet so radically, so quickly can lead to a loss of nutrients the body requires. The water diet does not require much upheaval unless taken to the extreme. Many celebrities, including Beyonce have utilised a water diet in an effort to lose weight.

So a water diet can help wash away that extra weight. It can combat cholesterol and keep calorie intake in check, it can improve overall fitness and reduce the risk of obesity no matter what age you are. Drinking plenty of water not only flushes out any toxins in your body but it also carries nutrients to different parts of the body making sure it gets the right nutrition.