Amount of water contained in fruit experiment

Fruits are vital for good health. Fruits not only help in providing nutrition but also aid in digestion. But did you know that fruits are mostly made up of water? Well, you can conduct your own amount of water contained in fruit experiment to find out the percentage of water in different fruits.

The experiment to calculate the percentage of water in various fruits is quite easy but does require the presence of an adult to monitor it. Most fruits contain sugar, acids, salts, vitamins, and fiber in varying quantities. However, all these nutrients are small in comparison to the amount of water that is present in each fruit. Since the water contained in each fruit will evaporate if sufficient heat is applied to it, your experiment should contain a heat source such as an oven to calculate the amount of water present in each fruit.

For your experiment, you will require a fruit, for example an apple, a digital weighing scale, an oven and oven gloves. You can start by cutting the apple into thin slices while removing the seeds. Next, weigh your slices on your digital weighing scale and make a note of the weight. You will now have to place the apple slices in your oven and set it at around 100 degrees Celsius or around 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Start the oven and keep it on until you notice the slices of apple starting to dry up and wither in the extreme heat. This means that the water inside has evaporated due to the extreme heat.

You can now turn off the oven and remove the apple slices with your gloved hands. You will now have to keep the apple slices out to cool down for a couple of hours. Once they have cooled down then you should weigh them again. This weight will be lower than the earlier weight since the water would have evaporated from your apple slices. You can now use a calculator to calculate the percentage of water present in the apple. You will be amazed to learn that a large part of the fruit is made up of water. In fact you might notice that almost all fruits are made up of around 90% water.

In other words if a fruit is picked from a tree and then given to you for consumption, you are in essence drinking a lot of water that has the unique flavor of that fruit along with vital vitamins and various other nutrients. Thus, fruits can help you stay hydrated due to the presence of water within its confines. You should keep a bowl of fruit on your office or home table at all times so that you can munch on it at regular intervals. You can also turn your plain drinking water into tasty fruit flavored water by simply blending it with various fruity flavors such as lime, orange, passion fruit, grapefruit, etc that do not have any calories, sugar or artificial ingredients, especially if you are overweight or suffering from diabetes as this will keep your hydrated in a safe manner.

Once you have conducted your amount of water contained in fruit experiment then you will realize that fruits do contain a lot of water. If you want to remain healthy and want to prevent hydration then you should certainly eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of flavored water if you do not like the taste of plain water. This will ensure that you remain fit and hydrated during the day.