How to start a flavored water business and earn good money

If you love to drink flavored water then you can also turn it into a money generator by turning it into a profitable business. It is quite easy to purchase flavored water over the Internet and then supply it to your clients. Here is some helpful advice on how to start a flavored water business and earn good money in the process.

You should first understand about the various types of flavored water that is available in the market. You would have already seen various brands of packaged bottled flavored water such as dasani, aquafina, pure life and clearly canadian, among others, lining various store shelves. However, people will have to carry these bottles to their homes and empty bottles also pose a huge environmental problem due to their refusal to disintegrate quickly in landfills. Moreover they also emit toxic fumes when burnt. These bottled drinks are also usually loaded with calories, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, thus making them unsuitable for small children, diabetics, etc. You will also require larger space for stocking such bottles.

A better way of earning more money would be to sell flavor concentrates. These bottles can provide enhanced and extremely tasty flavored water to your clients in a cost-effective manner. Manufacturers such as Aromhuset of Sweden offer many exciting flavors that can please any palate. The bottles too are conveniently sized at 30ml for individual use and larger bottles that can flavor water by the gallon. If you are selling related items from your store such as water filters, water dispensers, cubed ice, soda makers or CO2 canisters, then selling flavored water concentrates will surely provide a welcome boost to your business. You can also buy these bottles directly from Aromhuset and sell them online too. Whether your clients love to listen to classical music from Bach or are hard rock fans that like to listen to the Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water album from Limp Bizkit, they will all agree that drinking homemade flavored water using these flavor concentrates is simply the best way to enjoy drinking safe and tasty water.

Your investment will not be very high and the space required to store these small concentrates too will be quite less. Thus you can easily sell these tasty bottles to your clients and earn good money within a short time. You can also offer to have the flavors home delivered to your clients’ homes since this will certainly please each new visitor to your website. Since these flavors do not contain any additives in any form, they can be safely enjoyed by children and diabetics too. One can easily add honey to add some variation to these already tasty flavors. Clients can make these tasty drinks very fast as 2ml of flavor is enough to provide flavor to 1 liter of plain or carbonated water.

While enjoying drinking various flavors of flavored water right at home, you can also turn it into a healthy business proposition by dealing in these flavors. You can operate from your home itself or even from your existing store and make a neat profit. These helpful tips should help you on how to start a flavored water business and earn good money in the process.