Enjoy renewed freshness with glaceau fruit water

Water is essential for survival, but then so is food. While you might eat foods prepared in several delectable ways to stay healthy and happy at the same time, you could be stuck with drinking boring staid water to stay alive. Well, now you no longer need to drink plain water as you can now literally enjoy renewed freshness with glaceau fruit water to stay hydrated in style.

While your tap water could be fortified with chemicals such as chlorine or fluoride, it could also end up tasting like an unpleasant chemical itself. This would not encourage you to drink water at regular intervals so as to prevent dehydration, which in turn could be dangerous. Glaceau, which is now a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, was established in 1996 by Darius Bikoff, an entrepreneur that basically wanted tasty and pure flavored water but could not find it. So, he decided to create his own brand of unique and tasty drinking water, and created delicious brands such as Smartwater, Fruitwater, Vitaminwater, and Vitaminenergy in the coming years. All their waters are fortified with vitamins and vital minerals along with being infused with lip-smacking flavors.

Glaceau fruit water started out with Smartwater that was made with distilled water that was infused with extra chemicals such as magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and potassium bicarbonate. Their Smartwater range is sourced from artesian springs and can help you remain hydrated whilst traveling, working out or simply chilling out on a hot and sunny day. Glaceau also came out with its Fruitwater range that included lip-smacking flavors such as Lemon, Raspberry, Grape, Lime and Peach. These were packed in 20 fl. oz. attractive bottles with each 8 fl. oz. serving size containing around 20 calories each.

Glaceau Vitaminwater is an energy drink fortified with electrolytes. Their Vitaminwater is available in Lemon Lime flavor under the name of Charge. This drink can help you to tastily rehydrate yourself when you are sweating it out in a gym or playing outdoor sports. Their XXX flavor consists of delicious flavors such as Acai, Pomegranate and Blueberry. Their Formula 50 flavor is a grape drink that has been created with inputs from 50 Cents, the rapper. There are several other palate-tickling flavors in their Vitaminwater range and you can experiment with different flavors all year long.

Glaceau’s Vitaminenergy range offers high-energy drinks in 16 ounce cans that are fortified with vitamin C and natural caffeine to provide you with instant energy. These drinks do not contain any artificial colors, sweeteners or sodium. Glaceau Vitaminenergy is available in 3 delicious flavors such as Tropical Citrus 18, Fruit Punch 21, and Dragonfruit 9. You can now get an instant boost in your energy levels while playing a tough sport or hiking high into those mountains.

If you are truly bored of looking at plain water then in addition to eating a bowl of your favorite fruit which anyway is made up of around 90% water, you can also look towards Glaceau. Glaceau fruit water offers an enhanced taste to boring water and you can sip on it to prevent dehydration from attacking your body. In addition, their other brands too can help prevent boredom as you try out each new exciting flavor and brand day after day.