Water fasting can change you spiritually as well as physically, find out more below! Water Fasting Weight Loss There are two reasons why people become involved in water fasting weight loss being one of them. The other one being religion. The aim of the water fast is to detoxify the body and can be used as treatment addiction in its many forms including alcohol addition, cigarettes and food addiction or compulsive eating.

Loosing weight through water fasting has become popular over the years. The recommended amount of time to partake in water fasting is 10 days. These ten days of water fasting can achieve the same weight loss as 30 days on juice fasting. Only eating fresh fruit and vegetables, plus drinking juice in the week before the fast is said to help the detoxification process by making it less aggressive.

It is also recommended that anyone attempting to water fast should spend several days either side drinking only juice as alternating between the two helps achieve a more complete cleanse of the body.

There are several conditions under which water fasting is not advised. These are: hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia, schizophrenia or chronic heart condition.

Support is another important factor. If the right support is not available it can become easy to slip back into old routines once the fast has finished.

The type of water drunk during the fast plays an important factor when fasting. Research suggests drinking only distilled water or water that has gone through a filter achieves the best results, with mineral water being the least effective.

The thought of only drinking water for a week seem a bit daunting but there are ways of helping the process along. A large assortment calorie free flavourÕs to flavour sparkling water to great taste is sold at https://allfreightfree.com. Whereas other syrups are laden with carbs, these flavours have no calories, carbs, fruit concentrate or artificial sweetener so they are perfect for people who want the refreshing taste of juice and the benefits of water fasting.

Water fasting for spiritual purposes is common among some religions. Roman Catholics take part in the Eucharistic Fast, it takes place before they receive the Eucharist during the Mass. After reforms the fast lasts only one hour before the service. Another religion, called Jainism water fast for eight days during Paryushan.

They are only allowed to consume water in the hours between sunrise and sun set. During a ten day water fast experts believe it is possible to gain higher spiritual healing as the body is cleansed.

Other types of fasting include juice fasting and lemon-cleanse fasting.

Juice fasting involves 30 days of drinking only fresh juice made from fruit and vegetables. Vitamins and minerals in the juice help the body gain valuable nutrition that may previously have been missing. A lemon cleanse fast of master cleanse fast involves drinking water, freshly squeezed lemon (as opposed to lemonade) and maple syrup. It is effective at reducing obesity and is especially good at cleansing the colon.

Water fasting weight loss can be considerable but it must not be taken lightly.

Research recommends partaking in juice fasting over water fasting as most peopleÕs bodies cannot survive on water alone after having such a bad diet. Water fasting can potentially change peopleÕs lives and has proven to be an effective way of safely loosing weight and cleansing the body.