Portable emergency water purifier systems are extremely handy and easy to use and ensure pure and clean water anywhere, anytime

Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes are emergency situations when drinking water is badly affected. In such times it is difficult to ensure potable drinking water free from contaminants. Whatever sources may be available are often contaminated with some pollutants making the water simply unusable. However if you have some kind of portable emergency water purifier the chances of illnesses due to contaminated water is reduced. There are gravity filters, filter pumps, emergency water filter bottles and similar purifiers which may prove to be of great help. Portable emergency water purifier can effectively give you clean and pure drinking water, anytime, anywhere.

Among the most popular portable emergency water purifiers is the Big Berkey. It is popular world wide and has been used in emergencies by missionaries, worldwide emergency aid agencies to ensure clean and pure drinking water. The reason it is best suited for the purpose is that it does not require any plumbing or electricity. You simply have to add water into the upper chamber of filter. The gravity feeds lower chamber with filtered water. Depending upon the type of Berkey filter, the standard one, Imperial, Crown or the Big Berkey the number of filter elements may vary. The housing is made from stainless steel and can last for a long time. The Black Berkey filter elements that are known to be among the most advanced filters are used in most Berkey filter models. These filter elements can effectively remove bacteria, chemicals, pollutants, sediments and even the odor and bad taste that is common in such times. In emergencies when you have limited resources at hand, assembling these is a very easy job. You don’t need any tools at all and assembling may take less than 10 minutes.

Another interesting portable filter is the Miniworks ceramic micro filter. It has the capability to remove bacteria and protozoa like Giardia and Cryptosporidia. It can also remove pesticides, chlorine, industrial pollutants, etc. It is extremely easy to carry anywhere and can fit into a small pack. It is easy to carry being lightweight yet tough, durable and resistant to fatigue. The US marines have found it useful for world wide use in emergency situations.

The portable water filter bottles can also prove to be perfect emergency water purifiers. If you have these bottles at hand you can ensure that you get clean and pure drinking water. There are filter bottles available from Katadyn, GE, Pure Water and many more manufacturers. These are similar to the sport bottles and can be very handy in emergencies. You just need to scoop water to fill and squeeze bottle to ensure filtration. You can get water free from dirt, sediments, bacteria, protozoa and many other contaminants. There are some emergency water filter straws available which can remove contaminants down to 2 micron. It is very small in size and can even fit your waist pocket. If you have one with you it can be easily used in emergencies during traveling, hiking, etc.

There is a huge range of portable emergency water purifiers that you can get. If you have one in your emergency kit, you can be assured of getting clean and pure drinking water anytime you need it.

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