difference between soda water and carbonated water

Carbonated drinks are much favored by most. It has become a staple in our diet. A carbonated drink in simple terms is water with carbon dioxide mixed to it. It is available naturally as well as manufactured for commercial purposes. It has been considered healthy since it was discovered in 1767. Over the decades carbonated water has been called with different names like soda pop, soda water, sparkling water and so on. Carbonated drinks are available with different ingredients now. Practically most of you would be thinking “what is the difference between soda and carbonated water then?” Carbonated and soda water are nearly the same except a few subtle differences.

In 1767, Joseph Priestley discovered carbonated water when he was experimenting on dissolving the heavier air (what we now know as carbon dioxide) to water. The water tasted tangy. He offered it to his friends as a refreshing drink. Until the World War II carbonated water was also called as soda water. However, there are a few small additions to carbonated water when it is called as soda water. The main difference is that soda water contains baking soda and a few other small additives. Carbonated water is plain water mixed with carbon dioxide gas. That’s really all the difference that can be identified between the two.

Carbonated water can be naturally available as well as man-made. When water passes through minerals and absorbs carbonates you can get carbonated water. However, carbonated soda or soda water is not available naturally. It has to be prepared using ingredients like salts, acids and baking soda. Carbonated water has a tangy taste but no flavors. Soda water on the other hand has a pleasant taste.

Carbonated water can form the base for soda water. You can simply add a few flavors of your choice to get flavored soda water. You can either buy these carbonated drinks from the stores or make them at home. There are numerous soda makers and dispensers available. You can buy one for your home and enjoy carbonated drinks at home without having to worry about harmful ingredients. Usually there is a carbonator which helps you pass pressurized carbon dioxide into plain water or even any drink of your choice. You can have nice bubbly drinks in comforts of your homes. You can make a great impression serving fresh and tasty carbonated drinks during parties at home.

Carbonated water and soda water are otherwise similar. You cannot say which of them is healthier. Though there are a few people who blame it for dental erosion and calcium leaching, you can always drink it in moderation. Overindulgence in anything is always going to be harmful; however healthy that substance may claimed to be.

Carbonated water and soda water are similar, each contains carbon dioxide. The only difference between the two is the ingredients like baking soda and salt. They are otherwise identical. You can find several flavored carbonated drinks which have several health benefits.