what is the difference between soda and carbonated water

carbonated water and soda do appear identical and one can hardly make out the difference. Both the drinks are fizzy and give a pleasant taste. Carbonated water is plain water mixed with carbon dioxide gas. However carbonated soda contains carbon dioxide along with baking soda, and other additives. The soda is also high on acids that may pose a threat to your health in the near future. Both the drinks have enjoyed immense popularity in the market until its ill effects came out.

The actual difference between soda and carbonated water is that carbonated water contains nothing apart from carbon dioxide. Carbonated soda is known to be high on salt and acids to bring a tangy taste to you. Carbonated water is milder on the stomach whereas carbonated soda can be more harmful. Carbonated soda is also used in making several flavored drinks as well as in cocktails. On the other hand carbonated water is simply used as a thirst quencher. Carbonated soda also enjoys a bigger demand in comparison to the water.

Carbonated water can happen by natural process where the water passes through various minerals and absorb the carbon dioxide gas from nature. If it also manages to get some more minerals, it brings a different taste to the water. Where carbonated water can take place naturally, carbonated soda can not be prepared naturally. One has to prepare this drink by mixing the right ingredients that mostly contains acids, salts and baking soda. Carbonated water is flavor less but soda does give a different and pleasant taste.

Both the drinks are high on carbon dioxide and contain no nutritional value. It is not required for the development of ones body. Both the drinks are claimed to be harmful for the body, however, harmful effects from carbonated water is low as compared to carbonated soda. Also the acids in carbonated soda can take away the calcium from your body, making your bones weak. Carbonated soda is also said to cause many other health related problems. Carbonated water contains less of sodium bicarbonate where as soda has large amount of it.

There is not much difference between carbonated water and soda. One can prepare them in the comfort of their home with the help of water makers. They both contain fizz, for which the two are popular in the market. They slightly differ in taste and ingredients. Both the carbonated drinks are loved by thousands of people, making good business for the manufacturing companies. Both the drinks have been invented decades back and have been doing good business.

Carbonated water and soda are both blamed for taking away calcium from the human body thus making the bones weak. Too much of indulgence in both is certainly harmful. If taken in moderation it can save you from a severe risk of even cancer.

Carbonated water and soda contain carbon dioxide that certainly has no good impact on the human body. The only major difference in carbonated soda and water is their ingredient and taste, other wise they are identical.

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