Bottled water is drinking water packaged in individual bottles.

They are sold in bottles of various sizes and shapes and there are a variety of flavors and brands in any convenience or grocery store.

The water can be spring water, well water, purified water, waters with mineral, sparkling water or simply H2O from the public water supply (municipal or tap water). All bottled water is regulated in some way as to being clean and safe to drink. The labels will let you know what type of water is in the bottle and often the method used to purify it. In other words, bottled water is safe. And also, all bottled water is not all simply municipal water in a bottle, and if it is – it is safe.

There are many organizations that urge people to drink less bottled water or they are against bottled water all together, for various and different reasons. Some of these organizations are campaigning against corporations having control over water supplies that should be looked at as a basic human right.

Pro bottled water consumers don’t believe that municipal water supplies are safe because so many people dispose of prescription medications down the sinks or flushed down the toilet, and the methods used to purify are not taking these drugs out of the water.

Other people who are pro bottled water believe that this is healthier to drink than soda pops which are available in all restaurants, markets and vending machines. Also, as everyone knows, the easier the access to drinking water the more people use it as a lifestyle change for good health.

Consumers of bottled water are also quick to point out the convenience of always having a bottle of water available for their families so that everyone can stay hydrated as a good health practice. They will also point out that the waters that are flavored with low calorie flavors are a much better choice for kids who, if you let them, will drink one sugar filled soda pop after another.

The marketers of bottled water has even started marketing all types of reusable bottles in different shapes, sizes and colors to kids and teenagers as their demographics.

So, bottled water has become a multi-billion dollar industry. You can see everyone walking around with a bottle full of water, as well as bottles of water on everyone’s desk at work. It’s the newest health fad and in my opinion, is a very healthy one – especially in the summertime or when someone is sick as that is when it is so easy to become dehydrated.

We in the US and other developed countries are so lucky to have access to so much water – including bottled water. So many people in developing countries don’t have clean and pure drinking water, which is leading to the spread of diseases especially among infants and children.