How to repair hot water dispenser leaking problems

Once you are aware of the problems that can crop up in time it is easy to know how to repair hot water dispenser leaking. Insinkerator hot water dispensers are being considered as a necessity today because of the ease and convenience they offer the customer. The handy availability of instant hot water for various uses in the kitchen and home like making soups, instant coffee, tea, sauces, noodles, pasta, etc as well as washing of hands, shaving etc makes the appliance indispensable.

Even if certain problems do crop up in time, the convenience of this water dispenser makes up for it and it is easy to troubleshoot the problems especially if you are a “do-it-yourselfer”. If your hot water dispenser starts giving trouble during the warranty period then your insinkerator service agent can be called in to either repair or replace the unit in your home at free cost. However one should be aware that the warranty does not generally apply to any in-operation or damage resulting from alteration, accident, abuse, misuse, improper installation that is not according to the plumbing or electrical codes etc.

A hot water dispenser can fail as it has a limited life. One has to regularly examine the unit for leakages so that necessary repairs and replacements can be made if necessary. It is important that a drain pan outfitted with a “leak-detector” and connected to a drain should be used. Inspection of the unit for signs of leaking should be carried out regularly. In case there is water damage, disconnect the unit immediately. Replace all the loose, cut or tubing that is split. To prevent any electrical shock make sure that the power is disconnected before servicing. A proper grounded electrical outlet should be used.

Common problems are decrease in the water flow and an objectionable odor or taste in the water being dispensed. In these cases, you should replace the filter cartridge immediately. Incase the new filter cartridge is hard to insert, then insert the old filter cartridge and turn it till it stops. Then you should remove it and retry the new filter cartridge. Carbon filters should be replaced within a year.

If the water and steam from your insinkerator hot water dispenser jets out of the spout forcefully without the dispenser faucet being turned on the reason could be due to the unit boiling. You have to release some of the water in the tank by depressing or twisting the water faucet and adjust the temperature of the water by using the temperature control dial. In case the water being dispensed is not hot it would be wise to check if the unit is plugged in well or whether the electrical outlet is faulty.

To repair hot water dispenser leaking problems, a regular check as to whether the fuses etc are functioning well is important. In case the water being dispensed is too hot or too cold then it is obvious that the thermostat has to be adjusted according to your needs. Wait for the water to reach the new setting after adjusting the thermostat.