What you need to know about a hot water dispenser and sink

It is important to know all about a hot water dispenser and sink, its installation and repairs if needed, if you are thinking of buying this kitchen appliance. A hot water dispenser is considered a time saver and necessity today. This is because of the numerous advantages it brings. Not only is it handy and convenient to have but most of the designs and models available to day can give your kitchen a boost in more ways than one.

A hot water dispenser dispenses near boiling water at 190 or 200F. This is handy for preparing foods and beverages like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, noodles, pasta, cereals, soups, sauces etc. There is nothing like having instant hot water on hand especially if you are entertaining and have either elderly folk or little toddlers at home. The hot water dispenser heats around 16 oz of water even faster than a microwave. The compact sizes of most models are ideal.

Important safety information for installation of hot water dispenser and sink are provided with the kit. Before you attempt to install an insinkerator hot water dispenser, you have to first read and thoroughly understand the instructions given. Before you start, turn off the water connection. Then straighten out the copper tubing. Mount the dispenser faucet making sure that the seal is seated properly on the dispenser so that it covers the sink hole for mounting. Place the mounting plate that is semi-circular on the stud that is threaded under the sink. Tighten the hex nut so as to ensure that the faucet does not rotate. You will require some help from an assistant to hold the assembly head from above while you put the washer into place and tighten the whole assembly under the sink.

The next step would be to place the water dispenser head with the mounting gasket and screw down the mounting hole. While your assistant keeps the dispenser head in its place above the sink, you will have to make sure that the mounting washer is aligned over the mounting screw head under the sink. Tighten the screw to secure the mounting washer.

The next step is to make sure that the hot water dispenser and sink tank is mounted level and vertically where the electrical and plumbing connections can be easily made. Electrical and plumbing lines should not be extended as this will most likely cause leakages. Stretching and kinking of the tube should be avoided. It is also important that you should mount it in such a place that you can easily replace your filter cartridge whenever necessary. Never mount the filter over an electrical outlet. While your filter cartridge is being replaced a normal 1 to 2 ounces of water will be discharged. A 6″ tubing can redirect this water in a downward direction so that it can be captured easily in a towel or pan.