Just water?

There is no such thing as just water, as water is the most common substance needed for good health and the survival of all life.

Water is necessary for the creation and maintaining of life. It is important for most, if not all, bodily functions and for organs to work properly and efficiently. It is also essential for good metabolism.

Metabolism consists of two functions – anabolism and catabolism. Water in anabolism is the removing of water from molecules to grow larger molecules such as starches, and proteins for storing fuel and information. Catabolism is when water breaks down to smaller molecules such as fatty and amino acids to use for energy. For further information on metabolism and water, you can find many good references on the internet.

The taste of water is boring to most people but there are many different bottled waters on the market with surprisingly good taste. The bottled water industry is big business in most developed countries and include spring waters, mineral waters, sparkling waters, seltzer waters, distilled waters – bottled from many different sources and many with flavors added. All bottled waters are purified by many different methods and very safe for drinking. Some waters have an excellent taste with my preference being water bottled from a spring.

If you enjoy the fizz and bubbles of carbonated water, there are machines for the home that can add CO2 (carbon dioxide gas) to your municipal water from the faucet and with some added flavors, you have made a good replacement for soda pop. You can even flavor your water with little pieces of fruit for a good tasting low calorie, homemade “soda pop.” There are also many types of low calorie flavors to add to your water. Many can be found on the internet.

Many developing countries are having a water crisis from lack of clean drinking water, so polluting water is considered by many to be immoral and in some places illegal. We are so accustomed to always having a good supply of water in developed countries, so we often take it for granted. But in some developing nations many people are dying everyday because of health problems caused by unsafe drinking water. Pollution of water is a waste of a valued resource that we may eventually run out of some day. Many predict that years in the future – countries may be having wars over water instead of wars over oil.

So “just water” is still the best fluid to drink and polluting of this natural resource should be considered a crime because of the fact that water is needed by all of us.