A water fasting diet is a diet where you only drink water – as much as you feel comfortable with.

There are all types of fasts and fasting has been done for centuries by people trying to restore their medical and spiritual health. Medical knowledge and understanding of the human body has confirmed fasting does have a very powerful and healing effect.

This practice of fasting can be very therapeutic and people have gained control or recovered from many mild as well as serious problems with health.

Fasting with water is not a fountain-of-health, and it should not become a new obsession. What is it? It can be a positive process when done with discipline and with complete knowledge of your medical professionals as well as friends and family. No one should ever enter into any type of drastic process without the approval of your primary care physician.

Fasting with water is very difficult, but it can cause you to lose weight in a hurry but only if done properly. This will cause a very drastic digestive system and body detox, so a person who decides with medical approval to do this, must be fully aware what they are getting into.

But there have been recorded healings of many diseases thru water fasting – especially with diabetes and cancer which in developed countries are two leading causes of death. Fasting with water has been called by many a way to “nuke” waste and toxins from your body as well as giving you a completely different outlook on life.

In some ways it can seen to be almost supernatural – but it is easy to understand. If you clean out the trash, the body can get much better. But this type of fasting is considered to be the toughest of all fasting because during this fast you will have nothing to taste but only water itself. And remember how boring the taste of water can get!

Water is the staff of life and is believed by many to be the purest life giving substance on earth. Yet it has absolutely no taste or odor. So, you need to ask yourself, why am I really doing this? If your motives are not strong enough, perhaps you should not even start.

How much water should you drink while fasting – the answer is simple – as much as needed to keep you going. Some people have drunk 2 or 3 gallons of water each day while fasting. But there are many who believe that this large volume of water could cause “water poisoning” and there have been cases where this has happened – so again, you need to examine your true motives. But experts believe that if you just listen to your body and what it is telling you – you will do fine. And you should only drink enough water to make you feel full.

One suggestion to help is to drink seltzer water with a little lime, especially in the evening to stop any feelings of hunger. The water should not be too cold. It should be as close to room temperature as possible. And this should not be done for too many days – how many is a decision best decided between you and your doctor.

Going on a water fasting diet for too many days, can be dangerous – so again, please consult with your doctor.