The benefits of natural flavored water

The benefits of drinking natural flavored water are many. Considering the fact that one has to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to maintain body temperature and hydration, flavored water is a great way to ensure that you drink enough of water daily.
The problem of getting kids to drink water is easily solved by making them drink natural flavored water instead. Adults too find it hard to drink the required amount of water when not thirsty. This is where natural flavored water comes in handy.

Flavored water can be bought at the market or made at home. If you find buying flavored water is too expensive then it is better to make the same at home using fresh and natural ingredients that are safe and at the same time tasty. Water is tasteless therefore flavored water is an option that both adults and children enjoy. There are many homemade flavored water recipes that are available and one can innovate in the kitchen and make drinks that the whole family can enjoy.

One of the most popular homemade natural flavored water drinks is the “cucumber” flavored water. Cut up the cucumber into thin slices and add to a chilled glass of water and serve. Crushed mint leaves or parsley can also add aroma to your drink. Lemongrass is another favorite herb used to make flavored water. Ginger and honey or even coconut, are refreshing.

It is safer to use natural ingredients with a hint of stevia that is a natural sweetener instead of artificial sweeteners, concentrates and preservatives is advised. Natural fruit flavored drops are fun and easy to use and can give you a flavored drink with the fresh taste of fruit and the aroma. The number of drops you use will depend on the strength you want. These flavored drops can be carried in your purse or handbag and used whenever you want.

Choosing your flavored bottled water is important. Make sure your product does not contain any aspartame, sugar, saccharin, fructose or any other artificial sweetener. Stevia is fine as it is almost calorie-free and almost 300 times sweeter than normal table sugar. Diabetics can safely use this as a safe and healthy alternative. The benefits of natural flavored water are innumerable. As long as you use hygienic and fresh water you can make a delicious flavored water drink.

Using fresh grape juice or lime juice is an excellent idea. Flavored coffee syrup refreshes your taste buds and invigorates you. It is a wise parent who keeps a huge jug of chilled flavored water in the refrigerator for the family. In this way, you can ensure that they are drinking the required amount of water every day instead of drinking sodas and colas which are harmful for their health. The main aim of having bottled or homemade flavored water in the house is to make everyone drink water that is good for health. Flavored water also contains herbs and minerals that add to the taste.