carbonated beverages

carbonated beverages have been ruling the market for long. They are one of most loved drinks to quench thirst or simply have them at parties. Carbonated beverages are full of bubbles and fizz as it contains the carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide is colorless and also lacks taste. Carbon dioxide when mixed with flavors and sweeteners results in a carbonated beverage. These drinks are high on calories and at times also contain caffeine to some extent. Carbonated beverages contain acid that can burn your stomach. When you drink them when having ulcers in mouth you may feel the burning sensation.

Carbonated beverages are easy to make and with carbon dioxide cylinders and soda makers one can prepare it anywhere anytime. Carbon dioxide is just like a acid that can be found in floor or toilet cleaners. Thus these drinks are unhealthy and can damage your body in the long run. There are cases of people having tooth decay, bone problems, and burning stomach due to too much indulgence in carbonated beverages. These drinks absorb the calcium in your body making your bones weak.

Coca cola was the first company to make it big in the market, followed by Pepsi and other leading companies today. Decades back these carbonated beverages were known to be healthy, however, today they come in the list of junk food and beverages. Many a time people suffering from obesity also have a link to these beverages. Due to high sugar and calories one is known to gain unwanted flab. These drinks are fun to have and can give a good taste to your taste buds; however, it does no good to your body.

Carbonated beverages contain acid that are known to damage the tissues in the stomach. This is certainly unhealthy and can cause severe burning in your stomach. It is a myth that carbonated drinks can cure upset stomach. In fact it can ruin it. People who frequently drink carbonated beverages are sure to feel weak at an early age. As per studies, America has crossed the safe line, as both youngsters and elders are addicted to carbonated drinks. There is no evidence as to how much is too, but this drink is certainly not less than a poison that gradually affects.

Carbonated beverages are found in abundance and are loved by many. With so many people addicted to the fizzy drink, it’s difficult to get them over it. Did you know that some of carbonated drinks also contain tomazapan that is a drug used to make a woman fall asleep for the purpose of rape? There are many such cases where girls are encouraged to have carbonated drinks that contain tomazapan generally during blind dates. Thus it can be risky to indulge in such carbonated beverages. Although not all drinks contain it, there is a possibility of someone putting it in your drink.

There are not many good reasons to drink carbonated beverages. These drinks can certainly be fun and good to drink rarely. However, over indulgence is certainly harmful and can make you repent for drinking the poison gradually. Many out there may not agree that carbonated beverages are harmful. It may not show its effects instantly but you can certainly make it out in the near future.

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