how to flatten a carbonated beverage

carbonated beverages are popular for many years. The first company to reach out to the masses with fizzy drinks was the Coca cola Company later on Pepsi was launched. Even today there are large numbers of companies coming up and making huge profits with carbonated beverages. Both young and old enjoy the drink and call it the thirst quencher. The added flavors make the drink interesting and fun. We all are familiar with the whoosh sound on opening of a carbonated beverage. The fizz that comes out gives additional fun. However, not all love the fizz and hence try to flatten it before gulping the drink.

Carbonated beverages are around for well over decades. Some love it for the fizz in it, while few like it without the fizz. The carbon dioxide present in the beverage is responsible for causing the fizz. When you shake the closed bottle of carbonated beverage, you shall find more fizz coming out once you open it. When you shake the bottle it creates pressure inside not allowing much space for the carbon dioxide gas which results in fizz. Most people will flatten the fizz for the purpose of oral rehydration. However, experts do not recommended carbonated beverages for hydrating children.

One of easiest way to flatten the fizz of a carbonated beverage is by keeping the drink open. Once the beverage comes in contact with the air, the gas will get away, thinning the fizz or taking it away completely. Pouring the carbonated beverage in the right manner will also help reduce the fizz to a large extent. When pouring the beverage in the glass, do not put in directly. Tilt the glass and then pour so that the beverage touches the side of glass and fills the bottom. You shall notice the fizz being reduced to a big extent. Also if you want ice in your beverage, do not put all together as it can cause some fizz. Instead put one by one in glass. Following this method properly will help you flatten the carbonated beverage to a large extent.

Also when you place the carbonated beverage outside the bottle, it has less pressure than in the bottle. This helps the carbonated beverage to flatten the fizz. Once you keep the beverage out for long time, it will eventually take away entire fizz from the drink. Some people flatten the fizz for enjoying a plain drink, while some use it for oral rehydration. Oral rehydration is done with carbonated beverages to hydrate the children who also suffer from diarrhea or vomiting. Large numbers of people assume carbonated beverages as the best solution for hydrating children. However, as per experts this is a complete myth.

To hydrate a person one requires both sugar and salt. Carbonated beverages are high on sugars and not on salt. Thus it’s not the right solution to hydrate someone.

Carbonated beverages do not offer enough fluids to the body and thus it is not the right choice for hydration. Both flattened and fizzy drinks are not the correct choice for oral rehydartion. Carbonated beverages are meant to be enjoyed and drunk for fun.

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