tomazapan and carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages are popular drinks all across the globe. These beverages contain carbon dioxide which is a colorless and tasteless gas. When sugar, flavors and syrups are added to it, it creates a refreshing drink. Though carbonated drinks are harmful and work like a poison on your body, many people ignore this fact and indulge in the beverage. Tomazapan is a drug that is used to induce sleep. This drug is mostly used to pep up the beverage. Often there are cases of men using them for rape, especially on blind dates. If you are drinking a carbonated beverage you may not even realize it contains tomazapan.

There have been cases where the women have woken up with a severe headache only to realize that their drink was mixed with tomazapan. Carbonated beverages themselves are not very healthy for our body and mixing them with tomazapan can cause long term ill effects on body and mind. The number of girls being abused with the help of tomazapan is increasing daily. The only solution to this problem is that one has to be careful when dating a complete stranger. Carbonated beverages are not drugs. The reason why carbonated drinks are blamed for screwing your health is because it contains acid.

Carbonated beverages are high on acids that are found in your toilet or floor cleaner. This causes the burning of your stomach. Carbonated drinks are also blamed to upset your stomach and also cause tooth decay along with weakening of bones. Regular indulgence in carbonated beverages can prove fatal. Also these drinks are high on calories and thus cause you to gain the excess flab. Carbonated drinks absorb the calcium, and tissues. Studies have also shown that these beverages help develop cancer or diabetes. Having carbonated drink once in a while is fine, but regular habit will see you face dire consequences.

Carbonated beverages at times contain caffeine that can make you feel drowsy. You may not feel alert once you gulp in loads of it. It may be hard to differentiate between carbonated drink with caffeine and beverage with tomazapan. Both may make you feel a bit dizzy at first; however, tomazapan will put you to sleep completely. Tomazapan also helps stimulate girls who become an easy prey for sex. This drug is harmful and causes a girl to easily walk in the trap laid by bad guys. Overdose of this drug can also cause severe trauma and brain damage.

Though carbonated beverages are fun to drink and may refresh you for a while, it is best to avoid them. Carbonated beverages do absolutely no good to your health. There are other better and healthy options for refreshing yourself. Many teenagers over indulging in carbonated beverages feel week and less energetic. Advertisers and carbonated beverage companies are doing a good business, selling drinks at the cost of your health. One has to act wise and think healthy to lead a hearty and carefree life. So next time before you purchase any thirst quencher make sure it’s healthy for you.

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