Bone marrow study and carbonated drinks suggest a few ill effects

Carbonated drinks have become a part of our diet and we tend to reach out to it the moment we are thirsty. Carbonated drinks are prepared by dissolving carbon dioxide in water or an aqueous solution. The ingredients like carbonic acid, phosphoric acid, additives etc that are often found in soft drinks may be causes of tooth decay, osteoporosis, etc. There are some studies that suggest the effect of carbonated drinks on bone marrow. Bone marrow study on effects of carbonated drinks is underway to find the exact relation.

There are studies underway to find the association of cola and low bone marrow density. This is a common trend seen among women. There have been previous studies that suggested that carbonated beverages were a major cause of bone fractures among teenaged girls. There were recent studies that included girls in 9th and 10th grade who had to complete a questionnaire to find the relation. About 80% girls in study drank carbonated beverages. Amongst them one fifth of the girls reported having bone fractures. The analysis of the results showed that risk of bone fracture in girls who had more carbonated beverages was three times higher than that in girls who did not have it.

Some experts feel that the cause and effect relationship of carbonated drinks cannot be assumed. Another study suggests the declining consumption of milk and increase in carbonated beverages may be a major factor that may be the cause for girls being more prone to low bone marrow density and osteoporosis in later life.

There are theories that phosphoric acid in the soft drinks may be a cause of weakened bone health and lowering of bone density. There are some reports that the acidic nature of the drinks may be a factor causing decaying of teeth. However, some people suggest that over consumption of soft drinks may be the cause of intake of calcium rich foods which in turn is causing weakening of bones. The different ingredients like acids, coloring matter, antioxidants etc may be causes of obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, osteoporosis and even neurological disorders. It is also a factor that causes childhood obesity.

There have been recent reports of benzene in soft drinks. Benzene is known to be a cancer promoting agent. Soft drinks that contain sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate and vitamin C may cause a deadly benzene compound when exposed to heat and light. A recent government study of about 100 soft drinks and beverages found brands exceeding federal standard for benzene in drinking water. This probably has links to leukemia, and cancer of the bone marrow.

There are flavored carbonated drinks that are safer and healthier alternatives. With the overall ill effects of carbonated soft drinks before us and the studies on effect of carbonated drinks on bone marrow density it may be better to simply remove it all together from our diet. There are better options like bottle water, carbonated flavored water which is low in calories and harmful ingredients.

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