Bottlers PBG want to penetrate the new market areas with carbonated soft drink orange crush

Carbonated soft drinks have become an integral part of our diet. There are several types of carbonated drinks, carbonated water, soft drinks, available to everyone’s liking. Soft drinks are widely consumed with food. Soft drinks come in different flavors like orange, grape, strawberry, lime, lemon, etc. One of the most popular is the orange flavor. Orange soft drinks are in greater demand during summers. Carbonated soft drink orange crush is now in US market from bottlers Pepsi Bottling Group. The distribution rights for the popular brand are now with Pepsi Bottling Group which has purchased it from Dr Pepper Snapple group Inc.

The bottlers convert basic flavors into carbonated soft drink. The beverages are packed into bottles and cans and sold under the specific brand name of concentrate producers. The soft drinks often have pH of 3.0 or lower. Some experts feel that soft drink consumption is not safe and healthy due to its acidic nature. Its consumption may cause tooth decay, obesity, nutritional depletion, calcium displacement etc which are harmful. Bottlers while marketing try to portray orange drinks as healthier options.

Orange crush was developed and came into the market in 1916. It was then made from oil from orange skins. The orange juice was only added as an ingredient in 1921. Other ingredients included citric acid, pure sugar syrup and food grade colors. It grew in market share and new flavors were introduced in 1921, 1922 and 1966. It was acquired in 1989 by Cadbury Beverages from Procter and Gamble. They gave it a new look with colorful graphics. At the same time new flavors like Tropical punch and Crush Peach were also introduced. However, the 1990 saw the rise of some more orange soft drink brands like Fanta, Sunkist and Orange Slice who soon reduced their dominance in the carbonated orange soft drink market. Last few years you may have hardly seen it in stores.

The latest news that has been welcomed by the orange soft drink industry is the agreement between the Pepsi bottling group and Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. to market the Orange Crush flavors. The Orange Crush soft drink which dominated till the 80’s had lost its market share after the 90’s. From February 2009 onwards, the Pepsi Bottling group would be distributing it in most of their territories around US. Cadbury Beverages Canada is responsible for distribution in Canada. In Latin America it is Coca- Cola Company that distributes Orange crush.

Orange Slice, Sunkist, Fanta, etc are the competitors that have risen in the last few years. Fanta took away the top position in 1990s from Orange Crush. Coca-Cola Company markets Fanta around the world. PepsiCo introduced Orange slice in 1984. In 1980s it was Sunkist Orange Soda by Dr Pepper Snapple group which displaced Orange Crush.

Pepsi Bottling Group is now widely marketing Orange Crush along with other products. Orange Crush fans will be happy to find their favorite drink with a tingling taste and refreshing flavor available in many stores. Those old fans who have already found it vouch that it is as tasty and authentic as in the 1970’s.

Pepsi Bottling group is taking great efforts to market it extensively and win back customers. This is an opportunity for them to diversify. For Orange crush lovers it is comforting that the refreshing taste would be easily available this summer.

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