How about strawberry drink?

How would you like homemade strawberry soda pop for your kids? Easy to do? Yes! Just get a bottle of sparkling water and add good tasting strawberry flavor to it. A large assortment of calorie free flavors to flavor sparkling water to great taste is sold at And, with the calorie-free flavor; you have diet strawberry soda pop.

If you have problems finding sparkling water (club soda) – that’s not a problem – there are several devices on the market that will turn any purified drinking water into sparkling water. These devices just add CO2 (carbon dioxide gas) under pressure into your purified drinking water. This adds the bubbles and the fizzy taste. Then you add your flavoring – and like magic – strawberry soda pop! Often plain old water seems boring and is hard to drink a lot of – well, I am certain this will solve this problem very quickly. This is a way to get your family to love the taste of water enough to make them want to drink enough to stay healthy.

Need a good recipe for another strawberry drink? This is easy to make as well as refreshing and healthy for family and friends. Even the kids will enjoy this drink while eating lunch, dinner or just any time. Add ½ cup of strawberries and whipped cream to a blender, together with one cup of orange juice, blend and serve. It will look as great as it tastes. For adults, you can always add a shot of rum to this drink. Or, to the blender with these ingredients, add 4 or more ice cubes. Blend this and it should be thick like a malted/milkshake drink. You can add sugar if needed – but it probably won’t. Pour into tall glasses and then float a whole strawberry on top. If you would rather change the calories, there is diet whipped cream. And you can forget the ice or add less ice for a thinning drink. To make this drink into a dessert, put a scoop of ice cream on top. For a change up, add raspberries or add a banana when blending the strawberries.

Need another good recipe for a strawberry drink? Here is one:

Add together ½ cup vanilla soymilk or regular milk, ½ cup of frozen or fresh strawberries, ½ frozen strawberry yogurt, (a slice of lime or whole peach can also be used) into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour and serve!

These are just a few ways to make strawberry drinks. Search Google and I am sure you will find many more.