New bottlers of orange crush are marketing the carbonated soft drink extensively

Soft drinks have become an integral part of our daily diet. Most of us would reach out and rather have carbonated water, soft drinks, whenever we are thirsty. Soft drinks usually are those with no alcohol content. Flavors like orange, grape, strawberry, lime, etc are available. However, experts and nutritionists express doubts that it may not be healthy to have carbonated soft drinks in the quantities that we are at the moment. Bottlers of various soft drinks are marketing flavors like orange as healthier ones. Overall carbonated orange drinks are very popular due to their refreshing taste. Carbonated soft drink bottlers marketing Orange Crush are trying to cash in on the popularity of the flavor and penetrate larger market areas.

Bottlers like Pepsi Bottling Group, Coca-Cola Company etc are normally behind getting the various flavors to the customers. They are involved in conversion of basic flavors into carbonated drinks. They pack them into cans, bottles and sell them under the brand name of the concentrate producers. Orange Crush brand was launched in 1916. Proctor and Gamble manufactured it. At the time it was not made from orange juice but from the oil of orange skins. It had huge fan following and in about eight years they had 1200 bottlers taking it to customers in US and Canada. It was Cadbury Beverages, Canada who put it into the Canadian Market in 1918. New Crush brand flavors like Grape Crush and Lemon crush were introduced. From 1921 the orange juice was also added as an ingredient along with citric acid, sugar syrup, etc.

It became a rage in the 70’s and 80s. In 1989 Cadbury Beverages bought it from them. To give it a new look they changed its packaging and graphics. The ingredients and flavor were unchanged. Marketing was taken care of by Dr Pepper Snapple/ 7 Up Inc. After the 90’s the domination of Orange Crush faced a stiff competition from other orange drinks like Fanta, Sunkist etc. It virtually lost its market share and of late you may not have even seen it in stores as you would in the 70s and 80s.

In January 2009 Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc and Pepsi bottling group (PBG) entered into an agreement regarding distribution of Orange Crush and other flavors. With the agreement PBG got the right to manufacture, pack and distribute Orange Crush and other Crush brands in its US territories. PBG would sell it along with their other products. It gives PBG an opportunity to diversify into different flavor categories. The Coca- Cola Company is the distributor of Orange crush in some Latin American countries.

With Pepsi Bottling group marketing it along with their other products, the soft drink industry feels it will be a major boost to the brand. Orange Crush is being marketed extensively by PBG. They are trying to get back old customers. Its refreshing taste and soothing flavor is bound to be popular again. Orange Slice, Fanta, Sunkist, etc are some of the competitors of Orange Crush. Fanta marketed by Coca-Cola Company has been around for long and displaced Orange Crush from its top position in 1990s. Orange slice is manufactured by PepsiCo since 1980. Sunkist Orange Soda produced by Dr Pepper Snapple group was the number one orange soda in 1980.

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