Non carbonated soft drinks are growing in popularity with their health benefits

Carbonated drinks are the beverages that have carbon dioxide dissolved into it. The process is called as carbonation. Carbonation often helps improve taste and texture of the beverage. We are all aware of carbonated soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Fanta etc. Experts feel that carbonated drinks should not be consumed in quantities that we do at the moment. It could be healthier to have non carbonated soft drinks like Tang, Favor Aid etc which are equally tasty and refreshing. Non carbonated soft drinks as the name suggest do not have alcohol and do not undergo the process of carbonation which generates carbonic acid that is one of the causes of ill effects on health.

There are studies that suggest carbonated drinks can have several ill effects on your health. Obesity in adolescents is fast becoming a concern. As a first step guidelines have been issued to schools on sale of carbonated soft drinks. As a replacement to the soft drinks coming under this ban, healthier non carbonated soft drinks and 100% fruit juices may be provided. Obesity is not just the problem in adolescents; it has becoming a major problem for people of all ages. Carbonated soft drinks are not entirely the cause or the only cause. However, the amount of carbonated soft drinks that each of us consumes is pretty high. Regular carbonated soft drinks as well as diet soft drinks are high on calories and are often consumed with high calorie junk food. This collectively leads to reduction in the amount of nutritional foods in our diet which in turn can lead to several heath issues. Tooth decay is also a major cause of over consumption of carbonated soft drinks.

All these health considerations have lead to the increase in the importance of the non carbonated soft drinks. Morgan Stanley analyst Bill Pecoriello expressed that there may be a downturn in the soft drink volumes by about 1 percent rate for the next several years. Customers are becoming conscious about the products and their effect on their health and wellness. Statistics show that the carbonated soft drinks are losing teenage customers mainly the 13-17 year old to the non carbonated soft drinks like sports drinks, bottled tea and energy drinks. A major factor could be increased awareness about non carbonated soft drinks and health concerns related to the carbonated soft drinks.
Non carbonated soft drinks are better options. Examples include bottled water, 100% fruit juices, tea and coffee. The major soft drink makers have realized this and have started manufacturing non carbonated soft drinks to retain their customer base. Gatorade and Aquafina water from PepsiCo are good examples of this trend. There are other non carbonated soft drinks in the market as well. Tang has been around for long. It has been a hot favorite due to its sweet and tangy flavor. Initially intended as a breakfast drink and introduced in the orange flavor it has now about 38 different flavors. Single 8fl oz of Tang contains about 9 grams of sugar, 40 calories, 100% RDA of vitamin C, A, E, calcium, etc. Among other brands is Flavor aid from Jel Sert, sold as an unsweetened powdered concentrate drink mix. It comes in flavors like Cherry, orange, lemon-lime, watermelon, raspberry, etc.
With the public perception growing in favor of non carbonated drinks many soft drink manufacturers are introducing new non carbonated drinks along with their carbonated ones in an attempt to maintain their customer base and revenues.

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