carbonated soda acid base reaction on teeth

our teeth are one of the most precious parts of our body. When you talk, smile and laugh, you certainly would like to show your sparkling teeth rather then some black and decayed set. Drinking carbonated soda is one of major cause of teeth decay. Carbonated soda is high on acids and can cause reaction on your lovely white teeth. These drinks are also high on sugars that result in cavities. Carbonated sodas wear down the enamel causing tooth decay. Most or rather all carbonated sodas are acid based that take away the shine and whiteness of your teeth.

The phosphorus and acid found in all the carbonated sodas are known to take away the calcium from the teeth. High or regular consumption can result in enamel erosion. The acid found in carbonated soda is also known to be a major ingredient in toilet and floor cleaners. The liquids that make your floor sparkle are like the acids present in sodas. Calcium is important to protect and have a strong set of teeth. Depriving yourself of calcium will eventually lead to tooth decay. You shall find many young children suffering from dental problems due to high consumption of carbonated soda.

Most people are shifting to diet sodas, for a healthy life. However, they fail to realize that these sodas are also acid based. Acids absorb calcium for helping itself get digested. This can also result into weakening of bones. So, if you have been complaining about tooth decay as well as weakness you feel in the leg, do think about the number of soda bottles you have had. It is said that when acid and carbon dioxide come together their reaction results in tooth decay. Acid is very heavy to be digested and thus needs the help of calcium. This is one reason why calcium is reduced after over consumption of carbonated soda.

It may certainly be fun to chat around with a glass of chilled carbonated soda; however, are you aware what harm you are doing to your teeth? Whether it is diet or regular soda, they all are acid based. Carbon dioxide is anyway not a healthy ingredient to be ingested. Carbonated soda contains CO2, syrups, additives, sugars and acids. None of the ingredients mentioned is healthy and has any nutritional value. You may call it a thirst reliever, but it really does no good to your body.

Once your teeth start decaying, you may need to go in for filling cavities or even setting up false tooth. All this will only take away the beauty of having natural sparkling teeth. If you cannot take special care of your teeth, at least do not make choices that will result in bad reactions and cause tooth decay. Eliminate carbonated soda completely from your drinking habits and protect your teeth.

If you still have good set of teeth despite indulging in carbonated soda, its time you take this warning seriously. You don’t want to look old at a young age isn’t it? So, keep all the acidic carbonated sodas away from you and pose with a smile.

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