carbonated soda reaction with teeth

carbonated soda drinks are popular among the masses. Carbonated soda continues to rule the market for many decades now. Even today large a number of people are addicted to it. This fizzy drink is real fun and has a tangy flavor. Both old and the young have a liking for carbonated soda. However, how many of us know that this carbonated soda can have a bad reaction on your teeth. Yes it’s true. If you conduct a survey you can find that people who drink more of carbonated soda have cavities and dental problems than those who never indulge in it.

Carbonated soda consists of acid that absorbs calcium from your body. Sodas are carbonated with the help of carbon dioxide gas. The mixture used for preparing carbonated beverages contains syrup, acids, additives and carbon dioxide gas. This solution is put in a container or bottle and the empty space above is filled with another layer of carbon dioxide gas. So when you open the bottle the fizz comes out with a whoosh sound letting the gas escape. Once you store back the bottle after drinking it half, you shall notice that the fizz has flattened.

It is sad but true and really hard to believe that carbonated sodas contain same amount of acid that is also present in our toilet and floor cleaner liquids. Now imagine how this acid will affect your teeth and body. Acid is known to burn your skin. Too much of indulgence in carbonated soda can cause tooth decay. Our teeth are made of calcium and acid has a bad reaction on it. Apart from decaying teeth, you shall find spots of them. Many children complain of tooth ace at a tender age due to over consumption of carbonated soda.

The phosphoric acid present in the carbonated soda is known to take away calcium. Although the soda companies may not mention the presence of phosphoric acid, it is certainly there in all the drinks. The amount of acid present may vary; however, even a bit of acid proves harmful. Carbonated sodas are known to work like slow poison. If you have been an addict of carbonated sodas don’t be surprised to see your teeth vanishing some day. Acid can never hydrate a person and so it can never be called as a thirst quencher. Plain water or energy drinks are best to hydrate yourself.

A smile makes a person look beautiful. But a smile that shows your decayed teeth will only make people stay away from you. Also remember if one tooth starts decaying it will soon decay the rest, provided instant steps are taken to control it. Carbon dioxide is not good for the stomach; it has no nutritional value and does not benefit our body. Stay away from acid based carbonated sodas and preserve your teeth till the very end of life.

If you this still stretch your arm to pick a bottle of carbonated soda, please do think about your only set of teeth.

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