how is soda carbonated

carbonated soda also referred to as pop soda is popular among the masses. This drink is loved for its fizz and bubbles. Carbonated soda is a great drink to hang out with at a party, function or simply for whiling away the time. Over decades companies have been preparing carbonated soda and supplying it to the market so that we can enjoy the drink. However, how many of us have ever wondered how is soda carbonated? If you have been figuring out how soda is carbonated, then you are at the right place. Various ingredients are responsible for carbonating the soda.

Soda is carbonated with the help of carbon dioxide gas, without which there would be no fun in the drink. It also contains water and syrups. The mixture of water, carbon dioxide and syrup is put in a container and the empty space is filled with another layer of carbon dioxide gas. After this the container or the bottle needs to be sealed. The gas that is on the top of the bottle or container creates pressure and does not allow the CO2 below to escape from the mixture. Later when the bottle is opened you can see the above gas escaping. Remember the whoosh sound that we hear.

The reason why the drink goes flat after half emptying the bottle is that the remaining carbon dioxide gas gets space to escape. Hence you see your soda getting flat after you keep the half empty bottle to drink later. It is said that carbonation can occur both artificially and naturally. A drink like spring water is naturally carbonated as it takes in carbon dioxide from the ground. But for soda one has to put in CO2 for carbonation to take place. Joseph Priestly was the first one to start artificial carbonation in England.

Soda fountains were very popular amongst the masses. Large number of soda lovers liked the idea of being able to prepare their own favorite soda. The soda mainly had two flavors, grape and orange. Later root beer and ginger ale was also introduced in the market. Today companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi are doing great business by selling carbonated soda. Soda is loved even today by many people. Apart form the big two there are many other companies coming up with different flavors in carbonated soda.

Most carbonated sodas are acid based and cause a reaction in our body. Carbonated soda though loved by many proves harmful in the long run. The acid present in the soda can result in tooth decay and weakening of bones. The medicine and scientific fraternity have been arguing that carbonated soda can put one at risk of many ill effects in the long run. Obesity is also one of the consequences of carbonated soda, as it contains syrups and added sugars that do no good other than making you fat.

Carbonation of soda is an easy and cheap process. We spend lots to buy one soda bottle, where as it can be made for less at home. If you are so fond of carbonated soda, you can go in for home soda machines. These makers are trendy and help you get your carbonated soda with a push of a button.

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