benefits of carbonated water

carbonated water was invented by Joseph Priestly in the year 1767. He experimented out of mere curiosity. The carbon dioxide gas was infused in water and its pleasant taste made it popular among masses. Over decades, carbonated water is loved and still enjoys a great market share. The pressurized carbon dioxide is known to give an unusual taste and the bubbles make the drink nice. Carbonated water is known to be beneficial in fixing upset stomach. It is also helps in getting over constipation.

There may not be many benefits of carbonated water, but it does help in calming the stomach aches. A lot many people have benefited with it and continue to drink soda every time they sense a problem with their system. Carbonated water has also shown to work well on constipation releasing you of the trouble. Many a times over eating causes your stomach to bloat and make you feel uneasy. In this situation a glass of carbonated water works well, as it helps digestion and reduces the bloating.

Carbonated water serves as a great drink and a good substitute in the absence of water. Carbonated water is among favorites when preparing hard drinks. Carbonated water adds pleasant taste to the hard alcoholic drinks, making it fun and fizzy. You can also create a flavored drink out of the same. Just add the syrup of your choice to carbonated water and enjoy flavored carbonated drinks. If you use carbonated water that is rich in minerals and low on calories, you can easily make a low calorie mineral enriched drink for parties or occasions.

It is said that adding baking soda to the carbonated water helps the digestive system function properly. However, there are no such scientific basis that can prove this right. Not all brands of carbonated water will have the same ingredients and minerals. Thus one has to be careful in choosing the right brand of carbonated water. Also carbonation is known to kill the harmful bacteria present in the body. Carbon dioxide can easily throw out the destructive bacteria and relieve you.

Carbonated water has been enjoying a wide market for decades and continues to do so. Although there is a possibility of carbonated water causing harm in the long run, there is no evidence to prove this. Food habits and other nutrients also play a major role in ones health. Anything when taken in large amount can pose a problem and everything in moderation is perfect. Thus if you plan to survive only on carbonated water, you are bound to fall ill. However, you can not blame the pop soda here, because it is you who deprived your body of wholesome meal.

It is best to stop fearing the harmful effects of carbonated water and enjoy the frizzy drink. As far as you know what your body needs and in what quantity, you can very well take care of it. So if you love the fizzy drink, go ahead and gulp it and play with the bubbles as carbonated water certainly benefits your system.

Did you know that Sweden has been the leading innovator of flavored carbonated water
for the last 6 years? With a world market share of 2/3rds and increasing?

More and more people are turning to flavored carbonated water due to its amazing refreshing
taste and huge health benefits as is has no added sugar, colors, preservatives, sweeteners,
fruit concentrate or calories. Some of the many great fruit flavors that can be purchased
include black currant, apple, lemon and blueberry and many more.

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