effect of carbonated water on plants

It is true that plants have a faster growth with the help of carbonated water than the regular tap water. This is just not an assumption but a fact that has been proved with the help of experiments. Carbonated water has high level of micro nutrients that provide the plants with required ingredients. Thus, it results in quick growth and also gives the plant a good shade of green. Gardeners these days prefer to feed their plants with carbonated water for healthy growth of plants.

The experiment conducted to show the effects of carbonated water on plants had plants divided in two groups. Both the groups of plants were given equal amount of sun, and other nutrients. The care given to each was also same, the only difference was one group was given carbonated water and the other normal tap water. Each day the plants were measured, for about 10 days and guess what, plants fed with carbonated water actually did grow faster then the other group. It also showed healthier shade of green than the rest.

Carbonated water contains potassium, oxygen, carbon, sulfur, sodium, hydrogen and phosphorous. None of the plants essential minerals are missing from carbonated water. Thus carbonated water provides the plants with all the nutritional ingredients helping it have a healthy growth. However, as per some experts flooding the plants with carbonated water frequently may have adverse effect on them. It is said that the carbonated water can affect the ph level in plants and also deprive it of calcium.

Use of carbonated water certainly helps the plants grow faster and also gives them the thick green shade; however, will it maintain the health of plants is a question we are unsure of. You may use carbonated water for instant growth, but avoiding it in the long run will be beneficial. When proper plant care is taken that is soil, nutrients, water and sunlight are provided in accurate amount you will surely have healthy plants. This may take some time for plants to grow, but at least you are assured about its health.

Excess of carbon dioxide is not good for any living thing. Carbonated water may not show instant ill effects, but there are high chances of the plant getting damaged in the future. Carbonated water is similar to a mild acid. Some plants are known to grow well in acidic soil, while few simply can not survive in it. Thus when using carbonated water, you would also need to make sure if the plant has acid resistance. An experienced gardener will surely help you in learning which plants can show excellent results with carbonated water.

Plants are known to absorb the carbon dioxide and give out fresh oxygen. Plants absorb the carbon dioxide from the air, whereas when you feed them with carbonated water, it gets it from it. Normally the plant leaves are known to absorb the carbon dioxide, however when you pour the carbonated water, the roots, too absorb it, for its function. As per your needs and views, you would have to decide whether to provide your plants with carbonated or simple tap water.

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