health effects of carbonated water

there has been a ongoing debate regarding health effects of carbonated water. There are evidences that carbonated water has both good and bad effects on the health. Some say that carbonated water can kill the harmful bacteria in your body while many completely disagree to it. Carbonated water has more of carbon dioxide and hence the health conscious wonder what good it can do for our body. Although there is no major evidence saying carbonation itself has caused harmful effects on the body, it certainly does contribute to the problem.

If we believe that carbonated water can kill the harmful bacteria as well as fix up the upset stomach, then we also have to pay heed to some claims that it has some ill effects on the body as well. Carbonated water is acidic and it leads to absorption of calcium that can make your bones weak. Losing calcium in young age is a bad sign, as the bones may not support your body weight and make you feel tired all the time. Acid based drinks also cause tooth decay and cavities. The discoloration of your teeth can also be blamed on carbonated drinks due its high sugar content.

Carbonated water is hard to digest than normal water and the process takes long. This pressurizes the kidney and makes you run to the washroom frequently to get rid of excess water. The ongoing process can lead to dehydration, if you indulge in carbonated drinks. As per few experts, carbonated water contains same amount of acid that we may find in our toilet and floor cleaners. It is said that carbonated drinks can actually clean the toilet seat. However, how far this holds true will be revealed only when we try it.

As carbonated water can not flush out the toxins, you may find your skin getting dull due the dirt within. It can also affect your system making it upset for longer periods. It is also said that too much of carbonated water leads to higher risk of cancer. Experts have found a relation between cancer and carbonation. People who are addicted to it rank high for this kind of risk. Carbonated water is also not good for people with kidney stone. Many a times it is believed that carbonation can also promote kidney stone.

If you look at the pros and cons of carbonated water, you shall find very few advantages. Carbon dioxide is not required for betterment of human body and can create a ruckus in your system. Drinking it occasionally is fine, as a bit of it won’t result in much problem. However, for those who simply find it hard to complete their day without carbonated water, better be aware about its health effects.

Carbonated water has existed for decades; however, its ill effects have come in focus just a few years back. A lot many people have restricted themselves from carbonated drinks, while few still continue to believe it is healthy. As individuals we all are concerned about our health and I would urge people to cross check the facts and then indulge in carbonated water. However, make sure you never eliminate pure water from your daily activity.

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