how carbonated water effects plant growth

carbonated water may have been in the news for being unhealthy and disadvantages, however, it certainly benefits the plants for a better growth. Carbonated water contains many macro nutrients that help the plants grow faster and also give them a healthy shade of green. This statement is not based merely on assumptions but there have been experiments conducted to prove this. As carbonated soda contains all the required ingredients it enhances the growth of plants. Once the plants get all the proper nutrients, they show a good rate of growth.

In one of the experiments conducted, few plants were divided in two groups. Both the groups were given enough amount of care, given same time of sunlight and components. The only difference was, the type of water used to feed them. One group of water was given normal tap water while the other was fed with carbonated water. These plants were measured daily in the evening. This process continued for a period of 10 days. At the end of experiment it was found that the plants fed with carbonated water, had relatively higher and better growth then the plants that were given tap water.

Carbonated water is high on carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, sodium, sulfur, potassium, and phosphorous. All these components boost up the growth of plants and also make them look greener. Plants do require carbon dioxide to give out oxygen. When you pour the carbonated water, the roots of the plants absorb it and enhance its function. As normal or tap water, lacks some of these components, it results into slow growth. Thus people, who are anxious to see their plant grow faster, can take the help of carbonated water.

Although carbonated water gives good effects on the growth of plants, it may not suit the entire flora. As per experts, not all plants can grow in acidic compost. There will be few species that can benefit by carbonated water. A plant that cannot take carbonated soda, can get damaged and eventually die. Thus, before the use of carbonated water one must be sure about the plants that can take it. It is also said that if one is not in a hurry to make the tree bear fruits and leaves faster, it should allow the normal time for growth.

Excess carbonated soda can disrupt the ph level in plants. It is true that plants need carbon dioxide to prepare food, but excess of it can disrupt the function. Thus one has to be very careful when thinking of feeding plants with carbonated water. It certainly has positive effect on plants, but remember not all. You would need to make sure what plants can you actually feed carbonated soda. An expert in flora can help you in this regard, if you really want to make your plants grow faster and larger.

If you are unsure about the plants that can have the best growth with help of carbonated water, it is best to stick with normal tap water. Feeding your plants with proper components and nutrients will certainly help them have a healthy growth. With carbonated water we are sure it will effect their growth, but we still stay unsure, if it will keep them healthy for long.

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