is carbonated water bad for your kidneys

there is lots said about carbonated water every now and then. If you take a look at what most people say, you will find mixed reactions. There are large numbers of people who simply disagree that carbonated water can harm the human body. You shall find several people addicted to carbonated water and refuse to intake regular pure form of water. Drinking carbonated water in moderation is good, but making it a part of your daily life may have adverse effect on your body.

The main function of kidneys is to remove the waste from your system and also help your body get rid of excess water. Carbonated water is high on carbon dioxide gas and thus creates pressure on kidney. Also the digestive system finds it hard to digest carbonated water, making you visit the wash room frequently. Frequently giving out water can lead to dehydration. Thus carbonated water can never serve the purpose of drinking water. It is fine to drink occasionally just for fun, but having it in place of water is not a healthy idea.

Carbon dioxide is a gas not meant for human consumption. Plants take them in, only to convert in oxygen so we get fresh and pure air to breathe. Taking in carbon dioxide will not prove beneficial as it’s hard to be digested and contains no nutrients for the human body. Also carbonated water is more acidic and can lead to decaying of teeth and cause cavities. Carbonated waters and drinks are known to absorb calcium from the body causing osteoporosis. The bones become too weak to support your body and make you live an old man’s life.

Even if you continue drinking only carbonated water, the truth is that kidney will require regular water to compete its function. Without the help of pure water, kidney may not be able to flush out the toxins and waste. Thus carbonated water can never do the function of a regular form of water. You may pay less for carbonated drinks, but excess use of it will make you spend more later on your health. If you are very much inclined towards carbonated water, make sure you check the sodium content.

As kidney takes a long time to process the carbonated drinks and water, one must make it a habit to have it less often. It may take away your thirst for a while, but it will give your system a hard time to digest it. Carbonated water itself is high on carbon dioxide and can not filter the waste from the blood. Presence of too much of waste inside can spoil the functioning of your kidney and other organs. Thus make sure that you feed your body with regular water.

Drinking liters of water can give you flawless skin as it removes the toxins. Carbonated water cannot do this function and make your skin look dull, due to the accumulated toxins inside. Too much of carbonated water can prove as a hindrance in the performance of kidney and thus it is good to eliminate or have it in lesser quantity.

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