is carbonated water good for you

it is a very old debate whether carbonated water is good for human consumption. People, who are addicted to carbonated water, deny that it can cause harmful effects on the body, while health conscious believe it can. Carbon dioxide does no good to human body and the fact that we keep saying plant more trees for more oxygen says it all. Though carbonated water was invented decades back, its ill effects came to light very late. There have been few cases where people have suffered due to high intake of carbonated water and drinks. In spite of this, some continue to believe that carbonation cannot cause any harm.

Carbonation process requires high level of carbon dioxide. A carbonated water or soda as we call it, does not serve the purpose of water. It is fine to have it with hard drinks or drink it less frequently. As per experts most carbonated drinks are acid based that absorb the calcium from your body making your bones weak. You would also be shocked to learn that these carbonated drinks contain the same amount and type of acid that is found in your floor and toilet cleaners. If you don’t believe it, try using a bit of carbonated water for cleaning your toilet seat and see the difference. You can now very well imagine what adverse effect it can have on your teeth.

There have been large numbers of people; both young and old complaining about tooth decay after drinking carbonated drinks for years. Carbonated water is certainly not good for you and your body. Carbonated water is also high on salts that may not prove good for your heart. Researches show that high intake of carbonated water raises the risk of cancer, osteoporosis due to calcium loss, and even obesity due to high calories. The human body does not require carbon dioxide for its growth and thus, it is best avoided if not used rarely.

Purest form of water is always best as it helps meet the body needs and also flushes out the unwanted toxins. Carbonated water is also known to disrupt the ph level in your body. There is enough evidence showing the ill effects of carbonated water. Carbonated water is also fed to plants for faster growth and for a better shade of green; however, not all plants can survive in acidic soil. Thus, carbonated water is not good for plants either.

There are large numbers of people who would disagree with me saying carbonated water is bad. However, this is the truth. Moderation in everything works best. So if you are a die hard fan of carbonated water, make sure you do not over indulge in it, for the good of your own system. Carbonated drinks may have not shown any ill signs on you, but if you keep drinking it, eventually you may find your bones getting weak and teeth decaying.

As for me carbonated water is not good for you. There are many other healthy and energy drinks that can give you great taste and satisfy the body’s need. Replacing plain water with carbonated water is certainly not a good idea and one must think twice the next time they plan to do so.

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