naturally carbonated mineral water calcium leaching

carbonated water has been in the news for a long time now. With people trying to defend it, carbonated water information is just about every where. There is enough evidence showing that regular and excess use of carbonated water has resulted in taking away the calcium from the body making the bones weak. One may not realize this; however, once you suffer from osteoporosis, you will have to face the truth the hard way.

Naturally carbonated mineral water is also known to have acids and enough carbon to harm your body. The human body is not designed to digest the carbonated water. It becomes a long process and for the same large amount of calcium is lost. It also causes irritation to the stomach causing stomach upsets due to the excess gas and acids present in it. One may love to drink carbonated water and drinks, due to its pleasant taste but it really does no good to the body.

Naturally carbonated water is rightly blamed for leaching the calcium from your body. You may not find direct instances, but yes it does make your bones weak and your teeth decay. I have seen people who have indulged in carbonated water and drinks but have suffered severe bone related problems in the long run. Eventually as the body loses calcium, the bones become weak. If you suffer any accident or bone injury, it becomes difficult to fix the problem, due to lack of calcium. You may take in calcium supplements, but taking it from unnatural form may not help to a large extent.

There are many teenagers and young adults that complain about weak bones and tiredness. All this can be blamed on excess use of naturally carbonated water. If you take sample tests of person who drinks only few sips, you may not find calcium being reduced. The manufacturing companies and advertisements speak well about carbonated water or drinks, only to make money. It is up to you, if you whether to believe them or experts who have claimed that carbonated water takes away calcium from the body.

As carbonated water irritates the stomach, the body releases calcium to help you get rid of the pain. Your body takes calcium from the blood and blood from the bones. Thus eventually the bones suffer after it has to lose out on too much of calcium to help you get over the problem of carbonated water. Carbonated water is not recommended as a replacement for pure form of water. Carbon has no nutritional value and can hamper your health.

A person who is badly addicted to carbonated drinks and water needs to balance his intake by taking in food that provides enough calcium. Drinking carbonated water in moderation and balancing the calcium loss by drinking milk can help. However, this does not change the fact that says carbonated water does leach out calcium from body. Carbonated water is not a real thirst quencher and there is nothing best that can replace water. Though there are companies that claim carbonated water to be healthy, it is up to you to decide.

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