the invention of carbonated water

carbonated water was invented decades back and still continues to be in demand. Joseph priestly was the man who infused the water with carbon dioxide to create the fizzy drink. This English chemist tried out this experiment in his own lab and came out with this brilliant invention. Carbonated water has been loved by many for several decades now. This invention provided a great option to quench the thirst. Apart from water many preferred carbonated water as their drink when thirsty.

Carbonated water gained popularity due to its tangy taste. Joseph Priestly was the first person to have invented carbonated water. In the year 1767, this man made drink was invented in Leeds. After 3 years of its invention, Torbern Bergman created the same water but with the help of chalk and sulfuric acid. Initially Joseph Priestly was working as a pastor with one of the church until his interest grew in experimenting. He mixed the gas which is now known as carbon dioxide in water to discover carbonated water.

The process of mixing carbon dioxide in water is itself called as carbonation. Taking a note of the pleasant taste of carbonated water, in the year 1772 Priestly was introduced to French Academy of Sciences. Torbern had come up with a machine that could carbonate the water with the help of chalk and sulfuric acid. Eventually many people came up and experimented with water and the carbonation process. Several drinks were also prepared with the carbonation process. From then to now, carbonated drinks are loved and enjoy a wide market.

Carbonated water is also popularly known as soda pop or soda. Till World War II, carbonated water was called as soda water. It got the name as two cents plain during the great depression period. It was known as two cents plain denoting it as the most affordable and cheap drinks of those time. The 1950’s saw carbonated water being called as sparkling water, and also seltzer. The word seltzers came from the German trademark. All these names continue to exist till date.

Carbonated water was not invented as a substitute for water, but its tangy taste made it one. Gradually other chemists and experts started experimenting on it to create several other tasty and appetizing carbonated drinks. We still see manufacturers coming up with various flavors in carbonated drinks. People seem to love the carbonated water despite the fact that it contains carbon dioxide gas that can prove harmful for your body.

Carbonated water continues to enjoy a large market share. Some love to enjoy the plain drink, while you find many mixing the carbonated water either with hard drinks or various juices. You too can experiment with carbonated water by adding various flavors and syrups to it. You need not always run to the stores to purchase a bottle of carbonated water, but prepare it yourself. Yes, carbonated water can very much be prepared at home with the help of carbon dioxide cylinder. Infusing water with CO2 and creating the right pressure will help you make carbonated water. You get soda makers in market so fetch one to make the drink.

The invention of carbonated water by Joseph Priestly has led to the discovery of several other pleasant drinks. This small invention has really come long way, adding a bit of fizz to our life.

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