Water machine

How is your drinking water? Is it clean, clear and pure? For most people in developed countries like the United States the answer to this would be yes. However, in many parts of the world, clean drinking water is not yet a reality. Therefore people in those countries make great use of bottled water where it is available. In developed countries bottled water and water machines have revolutionized the quality of our drinking water and the way we drink water.

Walk into any office these days and you are bound to see a water machine that dispenses clean, clear water that tastes good. The manufacturers have also made certain brands that are suitable for the home. These water machines are more economical than bottled water and ensure that the home has a regular supply of water for drinking, cooking, pet care and other uses.

Much of the water sold in these machines is distilled water, that is water that has had the minerals removed. There has been much debate as to whether distilled water good for drinking, since it does not contain calcium and magnesium, minerals which are beneficial to good health. However, advocates of distilled water say that drinking distilled water does not affect one’s health since most of our calcium and magnesium come from the food we eat. Also, de-mineralized water contains is an acid solution with a pH level below seven. Consuming an acid substance can cause the body to draw on its own mineral supply in bones and teeth, as well as increase the risks of cancer.

Some manufacturers of water machines use water that has been distilled by a process called reverse osmosis, which removes contaminants from water. Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane that allows water to pass through it, leaving the impurities behind. Many homes use water filtration systems that employ reverse osmosis. These are elaborate pieces of equipment, costing thousands of dollars, and supplying the entire house with filtered water. Reverse osmosis does not get rid of all the bacteria or viruses in the water. It may have to undergo other stages in order to get rid of all the contaminants.

Another means of purifying water is by attaching a filter to a faucet or shower to filter the water. Jars and pitchers are also sold with special filters for the same purpose. This type of water contains the trace minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium, and is said to be healthier than water that has all the minerals removed.


It is easy to become confused by the large variety of water products and water machines on the market. Suppliers and manufacturers of these products make exaggerated claims about the quality of their products; therefore what is the consumer to do? The best advice would be to do your homework before spending money on anything. Buying bottled water may seem like a wise choice, but you need to read the labels to see what goes into your water. If you are not satisfied, then a water machine that allows you to purify your water, while retaining important minerals may be worth the money.