To prevent frost kill of fruit trees just add a bucket of water at regular intervals

If you enjoy harvesting fruits from your own trees you would have to ensure good care of trees during winter months. You can get good fruit when you provide adequate water. Sufficient water is necessary when trees are loaded with fruit. Not much water is required throughout the year. Cold seasons are times when fruit trees need extra care as during these times when frost can damage fruit trees. To prevent frost kill of fruit trees adding a bucket of water is an easy yet important measure.

Sensitive fruit trees like lemons, oranges and grapefruit need special care during changes in the weather conditions. Mainly during winter times when frost can damage your fruit trees different steps can help keep it safe. Especially in the first couple of years you have to provide extra care and protection. Prepare for the killing frost before winter sets in.

If you apply water around mid October it ensures that trees go into winter with a good moisture supply. You need not add too much of water, just about a bucket of water may be sufficient at specific intervals. Decide upon the amount of water and time period based on type of tree, type of soil and growth rate of tree. Deep root system is important as it ensures efficient use of water by tree. Make sure you apply water deeply.

A simple step is to add a bucket of water under trees before sun goes down. You cannot predict early frost until late evening. However, from your observations over the years if there seems to be a possibility it is better to add water before sundown. The evaporating moisture helps raise the temperature around tender plants and prevent frost from forming on leaves.

If a light frost is forecast make sure to water your fruit trees. Applying water before first frost is an important step. During winters though trees are dormant they lose moisture to new growth and dry weather. Dehydration my cause winter burn. Similarly, to protect from the late spring freeze you may spray fruit trees continuously with a mist of water with an attachment to your water hose.

As water freezes at 32 degree Fahrenheit, spraying continuously ensures leaves experience this temperature and are not damaged. When water changes from liquid to solid, energy is released this provides warmth to the fruit trees. Depending upon frost forecast apply appropriate amount of water under fruit tree, to prevent damage from killing frost.

You may also place gallon jugs with water at the base of tree. Keep some headspace at the top and leave the lid loose as the water freezes. These jugs act as heat reservoirs releasing heat gradually which helps keep trees warmer.

Among other steps that you may take is to spread mulch around fruit tree drip line. You may also use tarps or old blankets to conserve warmth and humidity that buds and leaves give off. It helps prevent frost damage to future blooms and fruits.

Fruit trees are a great source of organic and fresh fruits. Timely measures to protect them from the killing frost are necessary to ensure you get good fruits throughout the year.