Brita water filters are easily available in most stores and are extremely good quality

The health benefits of water are well known. However, clean drinking water with little or no contaminants is necessary. That is precisely what is becoming harder to find. Municipal water supply reaches us after several purification procedures; but some contaminants do exist that may cause illnesses. Brita, Culligan, Omnipure, etc are manufacturers of a wide range of water filters. Water filter cartridges are responsible for the purification and filtering process. Brita offers a wide range of water filters and the easy availability of water filter’s cartridges in most stores makes them a smart choice.

Brita water filter’s cartridges can be easily bought from a nearby convenience store. They have on offer different types of cartridges for removal of chlorine, lime scale and other impurities. They have a variety of filters like pitchers, faucet filters, refrigerator filters, etc. Among the water filter cartridges you would find Brita Classic Cartridge, Brita Maxtra Cartridge, Brita water filter cartridge Multifit, etc. There are some like the Brita Maxtra that can fit in into pitchers as well as other Brita products like kettles.

The Brita Classic cartridge is best known for its high performance filtration and reduction in lime scale as well as other substances like chlorine. It can remove or neutralize the bad taste and odor from the tap water which is often caused due to chlorine and other minute particles present. The cartridge is also useful in removing aluminum and heavy metals like copper and lead from water. It can also remove harmful pesticides like diurone as well as other organic impurities.

Among the other Brita water filters cartridges, the Brita Maxtra is known for its multipurpose use and efficiency. Brita Maxtra contents are similar to the Brita Classic cartridge. It consists of granulated activated carbon and an ion exchange resin. The cartridge shape and mixture ensures optimum filtration. It has an improved performance on lime scale reduction as compared to the Brita Classic. There is improvement in the capability in reduction of substances that cause the odor and bad taste like chlorine, Geosmin and some organic impurities. Maxtra cartridge can fit in into jug water filters as well as many household appliances from Brita partners like kettles. The four step filtration process of Maxtra includes Intensive pre-filtration, ion exchange filtration, activated carbon filtration and intensive final filtration. It ensures you get extremely clean and pure water. An ion exchange resin is also present due to which pre-soaking of the cartridge is not needed anymore. Both Brita water filters cartridges, Brita Classic and Brita Maxtra have the same exchange times of 4 weeks or 100 liters.
As a part of their contribution to better environment Brita water filters cartridges are recyclable. When you return cartridges to Brita they are sent to their recycling plant in Germany. The component parts are processed for secondary use.

Brita cartridges are available worldwide. Depending upon the country’s water supply system, you can buy a country specific cartridge. Brita cartridges are available in singles, 3 packs and 6 packs. Often there are great offers on websites like

Brita water filters cartridges are known for their performance and you can be assured of the purity of water wherever you may be and whichever filter you may be using.