Best Water Flavourings

If you want the best water flavourings, head to The people at Allfreightfree understand that staying healthy is an important issue for everyone nowadays, they also understand that people enjoy great tasting and refreshing drinks, whether it be relaxing in the sun or after physical fitness, a refreshing beverage is always satisfying. 
Water is very important to us humans, we are 95% water after all! It is essential that our bodies are kept hydrated properly so they can work at their optimal capacity. Water is better for us than any energy drink or traditional soda. But sometimes water just does not cut it. Where is the taste? Sometimes a tasteless liquid is not as satisfying as say, a nice cold cola no matter how un-healthy it is! But despair no longer. You see, at Allfreightfree they have come up with a batch of flavours that can be added to your homemade sparkling water to create a wonderful, refreshing beverage, with a delightful aroma and taste.  These flavours can be mixed in after you have made your seltzer water and the best thing about them? Well, as said earlier, the importance of health so they have made sure that none of their flavours have anything in them that could potentially harm your health. These flavours are not syrups; they are just pure flavour of the highest quality. None of the artificial sweeteners that can be found in soda or syrups. As well as saying no to artificial sweeteners, they have done away with fruit concentrate so you, the customer can enjoy a quality sparkling fruity drink that is not only satisfying and refreshing but also very healthy. 
Worried about calories? Sick and tired of reading the labels on every drink you buy to make sure you not are going above your recommended daily allowance of sugar? Concerned about the long-term side effects of artificial sweeteners? Staying pure and healthy important to you? Niggled about the impact your having on the environment from buying lots of flavoured bottled water?  Then come to Allfreightfree and purchase a product that can only be described as visionary in its design. Simply add it to your homemade carbonated water from your Seltzer machine and voila you have your very own pure flavoured drink.  
Concerned parent?
Never fear as your kids will love it to! There is no risk of dental erosion and the wide range of flavours will suit al palettes! Plus the lack of sweeteners means you know exactly what your child is drinking  So there you have it, Allfreightfree is the name to trust when it comes to flavouring your homemade sparkling water, whether you are health conscious or just fancy a bit more flavour with your carbonated water come and view the large assortment of calorie free flavours to flavour sparkling water for a great taste sold at