Carry the best flavored bottled water in your bag

If you love to travel, play sports or love to run or jog then you must realize that getting dehydrated is a danger that you should not ignore. If drinking plain water is a pain to your senses then you can easily shift to drinking flavored water. You should certainly carry the best flavored bottled water in your bag so that you can remain tastefully hydrated at all times.

There are many brands trying to grab your attention and a large pie of the market by offering several delicious flavors that can turn drinking water from into a boring chore to a tasty necessity. Companies such as Pepsico with their aquafina brand and Coke with their dasani brand are among the top competitors trying to woo your taste buds. Aquafina has various variants such as Aquafina FlavorSplash and Aquafina Plus+ that are available in several flavors including Raspberry, Citrus and Wild Berry, among others. These drinks do not contain calories but do have sodium.

Another major player is Coke and their dasani brand offers flavors such as Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon, etc. There are other players too in the market such as Clearly Canadian, Nestle Pure Life, Gatorade Propel Fitness Water, etc that have jumped into the flavored arena with a host of innovative flavors such as mint, blackberry, grape, and many more.

None of these flavors are however to be compared with the Limp Bizkit heavy metal rock album by the name of Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, which takes the meaning of flavored water to an entire new tangent. You can try out various flavors from these manufacturers until you find the ones that best appeal to your palate. You can however be sure that each flavored bottle is made in a manufacturing plant that produces totally safe drinking water.

In addition to buying bottled flavored water from convenience stores, you also have an option of logging on to the Internet and getting these bottles delivered right to your home by simply placing an online order. You will not have to carry these bottles from the store any longer. You can also make these delicious flavors right at home by using a brita water dispenser cum filter and can also blend different flavors so as to make your own unique creation without any problem.

Your homemade flavored water can be a fast way to get instant and unique flavored water right at home. You should choose flavors that not only taste good but also those that do not contain any calories, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, or any colors or preservatives. This will provide for safe hydration and healthy growth without any side-effects in the long run.

While each manufacturer of bottled flavored water is in the business of wooing you with a wide range of tasty flavors, you should choose the ones that taste good and are safe to drink on a continuous basis. The best flavored bottled water should be the one that fits in your bag and offers low or no calories with enhanced flavors so that you can enjoy drinking flavored water for many, many years.