Chill out with 5 gallon flavored water

If you are bored with simply drinking plain tasteless water then the time is ripe to introduce various flavors into your life. Tasteless water can easily be transformed into various delicious flavors with just a squeeze of the right flavoring bottle. So, chill out with 5 gallon flavored water and watch as your family and friends too make a beeline for your dispenser each time they step into your house.

It is extremely easy to make flavored water in your own home. Whether you love bottled water or have a 5 gallon water dispenser at home, it does not make a difference since all you require is to simply add a few drops of any flavor of your choice to your water to get tasty flavored water in an instant. You can also add these flavors to carbonated sparkling water and turn them into mouth-watering sodas that bear the stamp of your own unique flavor.

This can be achieved by mixing various flavors such as lemon with strawberry, toffee with chocolate or even passion fruit with apple and come up with tastes that pleasurably tickle your taste buds with those of your family and friends.

You can flavor a 5 gallon bottle of water and drink it leisurely over time or can even finish it up in one go if you have arranged a party for your close friends. All you need to do is to add the right quantity of your favorite flavors. Make sure that you have these flavors in small plastic bottles instead of glass ones since it will become easier to squeeze out the required drops instead of tilting the glass bottle and watching a huge blob of flavor fall into the water. Whether you choose bottled water such as aquafina or dasani or have your own brita or pur dispenser at home, it is still very easy to turn that water into delicious flavored water in no time.

You should also choose flavors that have no sugar, calories, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or color since this will ensure that your flavored water is totally safe to be consumed by you and your loved ones. The flavored water should be tasty and safe to drink for everyone including diabetics that can anyway never consume sodas or other sweetened drinks.

You can easily hop on to the Internet and get these flavoring bottles delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks of your mouse. By blending various flavors, you will also be able to get an enhanced taste of water from any source while also adding your own signature or even your name to the new flavor.

The word “flavored water” has also fortunately or unfortunately received a boost by the music album of Limp Bizkit under the name of “Chocolate Starfish and the hot dog flavored water”, depending on whether you are a fan of heavy metal rock music or not. Either way, the flavors available in the market are actually very tasty and can turn staid old water into tasty drinks that can be had by everyone and can also prevent dehydration since most people especially children will love to keep on sipping their favorite flavor.

In this fast life, you might not have the time to relax for a few minutes to take a breather and drink some water. But, if you had a choice between various mouth-watering flavors then you could actually take some time off to take a tasty break and sip on some deliciously flavored water. You now have the option to chill out with 5 gallon flavored water with friends and family and ensure good health for all at the same time.