Do you ask yourself is flavored water good for you

If you are totally fed up of drinking the same staid water day after day and are thinking of shifting to flavored water then do you ask yourself is flavored water good for you? Well, the answer is that flavored water is indeed good for you provided you drink the right type of water.

There are many types of flavored water available in the market. You can also make your own flavored water right at home. Simply dice and slice a few of your favorite fruits into a pitcher of filtered water by using your brita filter and you have healthy flavored water. However, you might realize that not all fruits are available throughout the year and you would certainly have to drink the water very fast if you do not want the fruits to become too soggy inside your pitcher. Most children might also not like chewing on certain fruits.

Another type of flavored water that is readily available in the market is readymade bottled flavored water. You might have noticed several brands such as pure life, clearly canadian, dasani and aquafina crowding the shelves of your neighborhood store. Again, the main problem here is that some of these readymade drinks contain sugar or artificial sugar substitutes such as aspartame, artificial colors, preservatives and calories too, thus making them quite unsafe for little children and people with diabetes. These drinks should not be consumed on a continuous basis since you will only be adding unwanted calories and sugar into your system. Although these drinks are available in several delectable flavors, they are best enjoyed on an occasional basis.

The best type of flavored water that is extremely cost-effective, fast to make and does not have any calories, sugar, sugar substitutes, artificial colors or preservatives is flavor concentrates. These products are available in handy 30ml bottles and a few drops in your chilled water will transform your boring water into a tasty drink. You can drink this delicious flavored or even carbonated water while exercising, traveling or simply while listening to your favorite rock album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water by Limp Bizkit, if you are a heavy metal fan. You can also get these fruit flavors delivered to your home when you place an online order. In fact, the future potential of flavored concentrates is predicted to be so good that you can even turn it into a business venture. You are certain to get an enhanced taste of your favorite flavor as you vary the strength of your flavored or carbonated water by adjusting the number of drops in your water. You can also combine many flavors to create your own individual flavor.

Flavored water that does not have any harmful additives or artificial chemicals is certainly good for you. Your hydration levels are certain to improve since you will fervently wait for your next drink break whilst traveling or exercising. Good quality flavorings will not affect your body’s growth in any negative manner but instead promote healthy growth due to adequate hydration throughout the day. Thus, if you still think is flavored water good for you then the answer is a tasty ‘yes’.