Drink honey thickened lemon flavored water like a happy bear

While drinking water is essential for good health, it can certainly get dreary since water is tasteless after all. Instead, you could easily get into the mood to drink water again and again if it were flavored with the right flavors. You could surely drink honey thickened lemon flavored water like a happy bear while ensuring total hydration at the same time.

Thickened flavored water is a wonderful addition to the flavored water range and is certainly useful for people that have swallowing problems. It has a thick but smooth constituency that goes down really well, especially when it is enhanced with lemon flavor. These flavors usually contain corn starch and sugar along with a few additives. They can surely be enjoyed at regular intervals and can also keep away dehydration in a very tasty manner. However, it might not be suitable for diabetics and should be given in sensible quantities to children. There are several variants to this tasty flavored water too such as honey lemon throat coat tea, slimming honey lemon flavored tea, etc. You can also have these thick and tasty drinks home delivered when you order them over the Internet. You only need to open the packet of this honey thickened water and drink it directly to enjoy the wonderful taste.

Other than honey thickened lemon flavored water you will also be able to order packaged bottled flavored water that too is available through various brands such as clearly canadian, pure life, dasani, aquafina, etc. The point to note again is that these drinks too usually contain a few calories, sugar or sweeteners such as aspartame or even contain preservatives or artificial colors. Thus, these too should be enjoyed in moderation if you do not want it to affect your body in any negative manner over a longer period of time. You might also have to carry the bottles from your neighborhood store and return the empty bottles back for disposal, which itself is another environmental problem that has assumed alarming dimensions.

However, the best cost-effective and healthy method of enjoying homemade flavored water is to simply buy various bottles of different flavor concentrates online and squeeze in a few drops into your brita filtered water. These flavored bottles are normally available in 30ml bottles for home use and you can also blend different flavors so as to keep on experimenting to discover new and unique flavors. These flavors usually do not contain any sugar, calories, sweeteners, colors or preservatives and you can also make delicious drinks very fast if you have the right dispensers that give you safe and cold filtered water. You can certainly enjoy shifting between various flavored water drinks so as to enjoy bottled flavored water and thickened flavored water so as to break the monotony at regular intervals.

Honey thickened lemon flavored water offers a wonderful alternative to plain water or regular flavored water and you can surely enjoy drinking it in moderate quantities from time to time. These ready-to-drink thick beverages offer great taste and convenience and you can simply drink it like a contented bear feasting on honey.