Easy ways to make flavored water

There are many easy ways to make flavored water at home. Getting kids to drink enough of water every day is a task for most mothers and sometimes even adults find it difficult to drink eight glasses of water a day. To make it easier for everyone to get their share of water every day, you can make flavored water at home which is not only delicious but also refreshing enough to tempt both adults and children at home.

Buying flavored water from the market can be a bit expensive so the ideal thing is to make your own flavored water at home. Cucumber flavored water is one of the most popular drinks and can be made by cutting think slices of cucumber and adding it to chilled water. Other ways to give your water a refreshing taste is to add a few crushed mint or parsley leaves. Adding a bit of ginger with honey or lime can add the “zing” to your drink of water. Herbs like lemongrass and parsley are favorites as they not only add a delicate hint of green but also an aroma to your water.

All types of fruits like strawberries, plums, oranges, blueberries and grapes add natural flavors to water and make your drink more interesting and delicious. An easy way to make flavored water is to add flavored drops that are easily available in the market and not too expensive. These drops are available in plenty of flavors that range from cinnamon and banana cream to coffee and Irish cream.

Just adding a few drops of any flavor you like will give you a great drink at any time. The ease and convenience of these flavored drops to make a flavored water drink at any time is fantastic! The flavored drops get dissolved in the water in an instant and can also be used to make smoothies and shakes. They are also Gluten-free and do not have any animal products that make them attractive to vegetarians and those who are calorie-conscious.

Drinking flavored water automatically increases your intake of water and fluids. Flavored water made at home will not contain any fats, artificial sweeteners etc and you can be sure that they are made of natural products and flavors. The herbs and minerals contained in the water make it tasty. Children love the range of flavors that are available for them – chocolate butter crunch, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate mint.

It is a good idea to make innovative flavored drinks at home using either bottled or fresh water. If you need a fizz in your drink you can also use sodas or seltzer. Today juices like lemon, pineapple and even coffee can be used to make your flavored water invigorating and refreshing. The choices are endless and you can easily grab a glass of flavored water at any time. The trick is to keep a huge jug of chilled flavored water in the refrigerator so that everyone can drink glasses of it at regular intervals.