Enjoy different flavors with various flavored water recipes

Now you need not dread drinking the same staid water every time you get thirsty. You can simply make your own flavored water right in your own kitchen and get rewarded with healthy drinking water that you will excitedly wait to drink time and again. You can enjoy different flavors with various flavored water recipes and can even mix many flavors to further tickle your palate.

You can make homemade flavored water very fast and can keep that water next to you so that you remember to keep hydrating yourself at regular intervals. Children too will love drinking different flavors that will offer a refreshing change to plain water. By blending natural ingredients, you can get rewarded with visually pleasing drinks that hold health benefits too. There are many vegetables and fruits that can be cut and immersed in portable water dispensers such as those made by brita. You can now simply pour the contents in your glass and sip away healthily.

You can start with simple lemonade before progressing to recipes that mix several fruits together. You can also throw in sliced cucumbers with a hint of lemon or even put in a small piece of natural vanilla. You can also replace cucumber with orange or pieces of strawberry or raspberry to come up with delicious flavored water that you and your loved ones will find hard to resist. You could add sugar or even artificial sweeteners such as aspartame but then you could simply be piling on unwanted calories and even harming your body in the long run. It would be better to simply add a dash of honey if you want to infuse sweetness. However, fruits like orange have natural sweetness that should provide the right amount of flavoring without resorting to adding any additives.

You are certain to also find bottled flavored water in online and offline stores that offer a convenient way to drink flavored water. Brands including aquafina, pure life, dasani, and clearly canadian among a host of others offer several exotic flavors that can lead you to the doors of flavoring heaven and totally eliminate the risk of dehydration. You are sure to gulp down bottles of flavored water at regular intervals as you quickly rush to try out different flavors.

Another cost-effective method of drinking flavored water is to buy small bottles of flavor concentrate and squeeze a few drops in your filtered water to end up with tasty water. If cutting fruits and vegetables is too tedious then this method is extremely cost-effective and you are sure to find many different flavors to please your tongue, again and again. However, there is nothing more healthier than simply slicing or chopping your favorite fruits along with a few drops of your favored flavor and then drinking contentedly throughout the day. You can easily get filtered bottled water, bottled flavored water and flavor concentrates home delivered once you place an online order.

There are scores of flavored water recipes that you can try out day after day so as to keep the boredom of drinking plain water at bay. Use them at will while also ensuring that there are no calories or any artificial sweeteners or preservatives to adversely affect your health. A recipe that does not contain harmful additives is a recipe for good health.